I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 16)



Damn, I had so much work this week that I’m so happy it’s finally Friday.

I have an appointment with the doctor today at 12pm. Afterward, I’ll just go back to the office and tidy up one or two and go home. I’m surely going home early today.

I left the office when it was 11:30 am.

The traffic was a bit crazy on the way that I got there at 12:10 pm.

I entered into her office and I met her reading a book.

Sorry for keeping you waiting. The traffic was crazy” I apologized.

No. It’s fine” she smiled.

Alright,” I said sitting down.

So how are you feeling today??” She asked

Well, I feel great but tired. This week has been crazy. I really need enough sleep this weekend.

Sure you do. So hope you’ve been sleeping well lately??” She asked.

Yeah. Better than the last time I was here. At least the nightmare has reduced from every day to just some days. But the banging headache is still there every night.

Okay. Are you thinking about anything??” She asked.


Are you sure??
Like nothing is bordering you at all??

Hmmmmmm, nothing really. Just work.

Okay then. I’ll prescribe a drug for you that I do use when I’m having a severe headache and I need to sleep. It’s not a sleeping pill. It just helps you relax.

Okay. That’s fine.

Yeah. So, is there anything you want to discuss with me???” She asked smiling.

You know, since I’ve been coming here for months, I’ve never really Concentrated on her like today. She’s fvcking beautiful. She has a nice diastema and a sexy dimple.

Uhmmm, No.

Okay then. Let me write down the drugs for you.

Here” she handed me a paper.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Let me know how you feel after taking the drugs” she said.

Alright. I’ll call you.

Okay. Do have a nice day Mr. Andrew.” She said cheerfully.

You too.” I said and left her office.

I got back to the office by 3:00 pm.
I was so tired that I just picked up my laptop and other relevant things and I left for home but I stopped by the pharmacy to get the drug that doctor Stephanie prescribed for me.

I got home and I met mum enjoying herself with chips and drinks.

Hey mama” I said collapsing on the chair close to her.

My baby welcome back. You’re home early today.

Yes, mum, I need to rest. I’m feeling so tired with a serious headache.

Oh, my poor child. Sorry dear” she said touching my forehead.

Have you had lunch??” She asked.

Lol, funny enough I forgot that I haven’t had lunch.

I prepared jollof rice. Go freshen up then come and eat. Maybe you’ll feel better.

Alright, mum. You’re an angel” I said kissing her cheeks and she smiled.

30minutes later……

I was eating my food when mum asked me a question.

Drew, it’s been three weeks since I came back, and I noticed Sandra coming home late sometimes. Is her work becoming that hectic? I mean is her office stressing her that much??” She asked with concern.

I guess they just have much work to do and you know recently once is 6 pm the traffic is always crazy.

Okay. Because I don’t want them draining the poor child like that. That was why I said you should allow her to be using your other car.

Mum, she refused. Is not as if I refused to give her the keys.

Okay o.

Yes, mum.

I ate my food, took my drugs, and went straight to my room to rest.


I got back from work by 6:30 pm. In fact, tiredness is an understatement. I can count how many times I sat down today. Customers were just coming and going. I made almost up to 25k sales. My boss says by ending of this month she’ll increase my salary to 3k.

Finally, I have the weekend to rest. Although I have somewhere to be by tomorrow and I need to rest before going out to anywhere.

It’s almost 8 pm and since I came back I haven’t seen Andrew. I saw his car outside, so I’m sure he’s inside.

I was with his mum In the living room.

Ma, I saw Andrew’s car parked outside but I haven’t seen him since I came back.

Yes o, he’s inside. He complained of tiredness and headache when he got back. So I guess he’s resting inside.


Yes. Maybe you should go check up on him” she smiled.

Okay.” I reluctantly stood up.

I knocked on his door twice no response. I was contemplating on leaving but I tried to knock one more time and I heard him say come in.

I opened the door carefully.

I met him laying flat on the bed.

Hey” I said

Hey,” he said calmly. It looked like he was sleeping when I knocked.

Sorry for disturbing your sleep. I just wanted to check up on you. Mum told me you’re not feeling too well.

Yeah but I’m okay now.

Okay.” I replied.

How was work today??” He asked.

Hectic. I thought I was going to die today.

Hmmm, tell me about it. What happened??” He asked…

Customers coming and going. In fact, sitting was almost an abomination today” I said and he smiled.

That means you need to rest then.” He said.

Yeah. I’ll be going to bed once I leave here.

Okay then. Thanks for checking up on me” he said calmly.

You’re welcome.
Goodnight” I said standing up.

Goodnight. Sweetdreams” he said.

Thanks. You too” I smiled and left his room.

I went straight to my room and slept.


I woke up pretty late. After cleaning up, I went inside the kitchen only to meet Mrs. Lawson already making breakfast.

Good morning ma” I greeted.

Morning my dear. How was your night??

Fine ma. Yours??

It was okay.

Okay, ma.

Please help me pass the butter” she said.

I grabbed the butter from the fridge and we prepared breakfast together.

After breakfast, I did some washing and cleaning of the house.

I will be going out by 3 pm.
I got dressed when it was time, I stepped out and I met Andrew and his mum gisting.

My dear, where are you all dressed to??” She asked smiling.

I want to pay Mary a visit. I haven’t been there in a while.

Okay, my dear. Please invite her over one of these days. I would love to meet her.” She smiled.

Ok, ma. I’ll surely do that.

Alright. Enjoy your evening and don’t stay late o” she said.

Yes, ma.
Andrew and I exchanged greetings too before heading out.

I took a cab straight to the place I’m supposed to meet him.


My weekend has been so relaxing. The drug doctor Stephanie prescribed for me is something else. I called her earlier to tell her how I feel, she was glad it worked for me.

I was having a cool time with mum when suddenly my phone rang and it was Prince.


📱Hello bro. What up” he said.

📱Ah, just dey house dey chill with mummy o.

📱Chai, I’ve missed mummy o. Please tell her I’ll come and check on her tomorrow after church service.

📱Oya na. No wahala

📱Yeah. So what have you been doing?” He asked.

📱I’ve been resting man. I was fvcking tired yesterday if not for the drugs I took.

📱Eyaaa …but you’re better now??” He asked.

📱Yap. I’m okay now.

📱Okay. Come now, make we chilax this evening. I’m fvcking bored at home” he said

📱Call one of your babes to come and keep you company na” I said mockingly.

📱Mtcheeww.. na guyz hangout I need now. Babes matter na later things for the night. You know na” he laughed.

📱Idiot. Later now you’ll say na me dey do pass.

📱Guy You don’t need to argue that one. Na you dey do pass.” He laughed.

📱 Whatever. So how e go be now??” I asked.

📱I’ve called Desmond already and he said we should text him the address of where we’ll be meeting and that he’ll join us.

📱Okay. So where are we meeting?” I asked.

📱What about Genesis sky bar?


📱The one around Hill Top street” he said.

📱Okay, yeah I know there. I’ll get dressed now.” I said.

📱Okay, bro.

📱Let me know when you’re leaving the house.” I said

📱Sure I will.

📱 Alright. Bye.

I ended the call.

Mum, I need to go hang out with the boys.

Oh okay. That’s fine.
Just don’t come back home too late” she smiled.

Okay, mum.

I went to my room and wore something casual and drove out.

I met Prince and Desmond already there.

We greeted and I ordered for my usual drink and we started gisting.

We were in the VIP lounge. It’s a secluded area where you can see everything happening but not everyone can see you from there. I was laughing so hard when someone suddenly cut my attention. The guys noticed the direction of my sudden gaze and they both turned to that direction.


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