I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 17)



Is that not Sandra??” I asked looking at Desmond and Prince.

Maybe” Prince said.

C’mon guys, be serious for once.” I said

Yes I think she’s the one” Desmond said

She was with a man. In fact, you needed to see the way this man was hovering around her. She was reciprocating it too.

Why are you this surprised??” Prince asked.

She said she was going to see her friend Mary.” I said.

Somebody cannot have a change of plan again or is she not allowed to have fun once in a while??” Prince asked.

I just looked at them and continued sipping my drink.

Dude but wait o, why are you so worked up about seeing her here??” Desmond asked.

Nothing” I smiled playing with my drinks.

Guy, I know what’s up when you start playing with your drinks like that in the middle of a conversation” Prince said looking at me.

Lol, I’m ok bro. Just surprised why she had to lie that she was going to her friend’s place when she’s actually going to hang out with a man in a bar.

See abeg we’re here to have fun guys, forget about Sandra who is having fun too. If you come catch her with a man for hotel, wetin you go??” Desmond said.

Lol,” I smiled.

Talk na” Prince said.

She doesn’t do that anymore. I’m sure” I said.

But what if?” Prince asked

I don’t even want to imagine what I’ll do because I’ve done so much to see that she’s out of that path.


Hmmm…bro, can I ask you a question and I want an honest answer” I said


Have you started developing feelings for this girl?” I asked.

Lol, are you kidding me, bro?? C’mon, it hasn’t gotten to that level bro.” He said

Are you sure??” Desmond asked.

Wait, what are you guys even saying??” He looked a bit angry.
You both know my take when it comes to falling in love.

Then why are you this bothered?. I could see through you bro. I know when you’re lying.” I said.

I’m bothered because she stays at my house. She’s like my responsibility. For her to say that she was going elsewhere and I met her in another place, what if something bad happens to her, we’ll all think she was at her friend’s house. It’s quite suspicious and not cool. I mean why does she have to lie??” He explained.

There is something scaring me already about the way Andrew is sounding. I know him very well and I know when he’s speaking out of love. I just hope he’s not falling for this girl. It will be a disaster.” I said to myself.

Okay. Enough of Sandra, can we just have fun?” Desmond said.

We all started talking about something else but I could feel there is something still going through Andrew’s mind.

I noticed she left after an hour she came in.

We all left the bar around 7:30 pm.


I got home some minutes past 8 pm.

I met mum watching her favorite TV series. So I sat down with her and watch.

Mum is Sandra back??” I suddenly asked.



Is there any problem??” She asked.

No. Just asking.

Hmmmmm, son tell me, what I’ve been missing??” She winked.

Mum what are you insinuating??

I’ve been noticing how you’ve been acting recently. Are you in love with Sandra??” She smiled.

Lol, mum??” I laughed.

What’s funny ??” She asked.

Nothing mum. But seriously, how did you even come up with such an idea???

What I can see while sitting down, even if you climb the tallest mountain my dear, you still wouldn’t catch a glimpse of it.” She said.

Well mum nothing of such is happening.

Hmmmmm…ok o.
But you still haven’t really told me about what Kate did to you back then o” she reminded me.

Mum that’s because I’m never going to. There is absolutely nothing to talk about.


We were still talking when Sandra walked in. I checked my time and it was 8:35 pm.

Good evening” she greeted.

Evening my dear.
Ah, you stayed so late. Is it the traffic??” Mum asked.

Mary and I were so carried away with the gist that I didn’t notice time had gone. Her area there, I can hardly get a cab coming here when is late.” She smiled.

Oh, I understand. She’s fine right??” Mum asked.

Yes. She sent her regards.

Okay, my dear. Welcome back.

Thank you ma.
Andrew how is your health??” She asked.

I’m okay now” I smiled.

Alright.” She said and went inside her room.

I just smiled after she left and continued pressing my phone that I was holding.
I mean did that just happen??” I said to myself.


It’s a new week and work has started again.

Andrew dropped me off as usual.

It seems my madam is on leave, she has been coming to the store every day since last week.

We were doing calculations later in the evening when she asked me a question.

Sandra what is your relationship with Andrew??” She asked.

I was surprised at the question because all this while I’ve been here she never asked.
He’s my friend” I replied.

Your friend or your boyfriend??” She smiled.

No ma. He’s just my friend.

Okay. Anyways he’s a good guy tho. I’ve known him for like 5years now.

Oh, that’s nice” I replied.

Yeah. Although he said the same thing too. He said you guys are just friends. I was surprised because I mean I know him too well. He only have fun with girls, So I was thinking you were one of his girls because the day he called telling me about you, I was surprised as to how serious he was.

Not at all. We’re just good friends.

Okay then.

We continued with our calculation.



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