I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 18)


Mrs Maria Johnson

I really need money and I don’t even know who to ask for money right now.

I’ve been calling Sandra but she’s not picking up my calls. I don’t even know what to do again. The people I bought food stuff from are always embarrassing me.

I just got a new line yesterday again. I’m sure she’ll pick it if she sees a strange number.


NO response…

I dialled it again for the second time praying she picks.



📱 Sandra please because of God please don’t hang up on me I am begging you).

📱 What do you want??” She asked.

📱 My dear, please forgive me for whatever I’ve done. I know I’ve not been a good mother to you. Please forgive me.

📱You haven’t still said why you called mum??” She sounded so angry.

📱 Please I need your help. I need money to pay my debts. I don’t have a dime at all and no food. I’m ready to start up any business that will fetch me money. Please help me, my child?” I pleaded.

📱Mum please I’m busy if you don’t have anything else to say.

📱Sandra wa…..” She hanged up.

God, please touch her heart for me” I cried. What do I do now???


I was at work when my mum called saying some stuff I really don’t understand. Now she’s thinking of starting a business mtcheww.

I tried to concentrate at work but I couldn’t. I know things are very hard for her right now. Regardless of her bad attitude I still don’t want to see her cry.

I searched for her account number on my phone.

I made a transfer of 5k to her. I called her after sending the money to her.



📱Yes, my dear” she sounded like someone that has been crying.

📱I just sent you 5 thousand cedis.

📱Ehn, thank you ooooh” she said happily.

📱Listen to me mum, that money I sent you is for you to start something with even if is small. I don’t want you calling me tomorrow again saying you’re hungry and you’re this. If you like buy clothes with it and be wearing them up and down” I stated clearly.

📱I’ve heard you, my child. God bless you.

📱Bye,” I ended my call.

After everything this woman has done to my life, all the kindness I’m still showing her now is because of God, if not this woman doesn’t deserve a dime from me.



I feel great today. I mean, I just finished my recent contract and I’m saying Cheers to more money and good life.

I was still in my happy state all by myself when my telecom rang.

Yes,” I said after picking it up.

Sir, there is a lady that wants to see you.

What’s her name??” I asked.

She has refused to say, sir.

Okay. Let her in.



I was wondering who it could be when suddenly the last person I wanted to see walked inside my office.

I was just staring at her without uttering a word.

Hey, baby” She said.

Why are you here???” I asked trying so hard to hold my temper.

C’mon, be nice, at least ask me to sit.” She said sitting down.

Now that you’re seated, What do you want??? I asked again.

I was around your office so I decided to come say hi. I’ve missed you.” She said.

Lol,” I laughed so hard.

You can laugh all you want” she said.

Sure I will.” I said with a straight face.

Look Andrew can you at least give me a chance to explain myself to you?? C’mon, it’s been years but you keep pushing me away like dirt.

Oh yes, you’re dirt.
I mean What explanation do you have to give to me catching you red-handed fvcking your so-called best friend. Do you think I’m dumb or something??” I yelled.

Andrew I know I made a mistake but please forgive me.” She pleaded to make her baby face that was my M-button then but not anymore.

Why are you even here after 2 good years??” I asked

To tell you that I still love you and I’m sorry for everything.

Oh really” I laughed.
You know what Kate, you’re so selfish and shameless.
Now get your dirty freaking self out of my office.

So you’re just gonna throw away what we shared because of a single mistake??

What??? Did I just hear you correctly???
A single mistake??. You threw away what we shared when you decided to fvck Joel your best friend and less I forget Anderson too.

She became quiet.

Kate get out of my office this minute because if you don’t, I might do something we both will regret at the end of the day” I said angrily.

Andrew, please listen” she cried.

I said get out and don’t ever come back here” I yelled.

She stood up and left.

Damn, why does it have to be today of all days” I said hitting my desk so hard.

I mean the last time I saw her was like 2years ago and she has the nerves to come and start telling me trash.

A briefing about Kate

Kate wasn’t actually my first love but she was the only girl I’ve loved with all my heart. I loved her so much that I was willing to do anything for her.

We dated for a year and some months. I provided her with all she needs even when she doesn’t ask. I pay for practically everything she does.

All I wanted was just to see her happy and content but no, I was wrong.

I had rumours about her going out with a guy called Anderson then but I debunked the rumour not until I caught her red-handed fvcking Joel who she claimed to be her best friend.

I couldn’t take it so I had to let her go. Those periods were one of the heartbroken moments of my life.


And now she thinks she has the right to come back into my life again after he shattered my heart. All the love I had for her back then has been replaced with hate. I regretted venting my all in that relationship.

I went outside and warned my secretary never to allow her into my office again.


It’s Saturday morning and Mama just called me not quite long saying that there is a package for me and better cash dey involved.

Andrew was busy with his laptop outside the house. Andrew’s mum wasn’t around when I was about to leave the house around 2 pm in the afternoon.

I went to meet Andrew where he was sitting down.

Hey” I said


Uhmmm, I’ll just be out for a few hours. I want to get something from the supermarket.

Okay. No problem.

Alright. See you later” I smiled.

Alright,” he smiled back.

I quickly called Mama to send me the address of the hotel and room number.

Damn, the traffic was mad on my way.

I got there at 3 pm. I went straight into the room after the receptionist have called the person I was going to meet.

I knocked and no response. I tried opening the door and it opened on the first try. It wasn’t actually locked.

I couldn’t find anyone in the room. I checked the address on my phone again. I thought I was in the wrong room. I was about going out when someone walked out of the bathroom.

Jesus Christ” I was shocked.



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