I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 19)



I was so shocked to see the person standing right in front of me.

He was just staring at me.

Andrew please I can explain.” I moved close to him pleading.


I was just staring at her with my hands in my pocket.

Andrew please is not what you think. Please let me explain” she pleaded.

I’m listening” I said calmly.

I’m sorry” she said trying to touch me.

Don’t touch me” I said trying so hard to curtail my anger. Because with the way I was pissed, I could just murder her right there.

She moved her hands away.

I smiled…So this is your supermarket huh??”I asked

Please Andrew” she pleaded.

Nice one Sandra” I said and made to leave the hotel room.

Andrew, please listen to me please” she cried trying to stop me.

Sandra move” I said with a straight face.

Immediately she looked into my eyes, she moved and I walked out of the room…

I left there and drove straight home.

Immediately after I got home mum noticed my mood.

Son are you okay??” She asked immediately after I entered inside the house.

Yes,” I replied and went straight to my room and lock my door.

I couldn’t just curtail my anger. I want something I can transfer it on. I checked the time and it was a few minutes past 6.

I called Prince and Desmond that we should go out. I just want to drink and they said ok.

I grabbed my keys again and went out.

Mum was looking so worried. I’m even scared of how she’ll feel when all this whole thing gets out.

I drove straight to the usual bar we use to hang out. I got there before them so I ordered for my drink. I needed something hard.

10minutes later Prince arrived.

Hey man,” he said shaking my hand.

Hey,” I said concentrating on my drink.

Are you okay??” He asked.

Yeah.” I replied coldly.

Desmond walked in…

Hey, guys” we shook hands.

What’s happening here??” Desmond asked.

I don’t know man. I met him like this and he has refused to say something” Prince said.

Bro is everything okay??
Is mum okay??” Desmond asked.

Yeah. She’s fine” I replied.

Do you have issues with work or your contracts??” Prince asked…

Nope.” I replied coldly.

Then talk to us man, what’s wrong??
You’re getting us worried” Desmond said.

I cut Sandra in a hotel” I said with so much anger.

Wait, what?????” Prince asked??

Can you explain??” Desmond looked curious.

Hmmmmm…Ever since I saw her at the bar with that man, I’ve been having doubts about her so I started trailing her movement. I found out that she has been meeting a series of guys. I still wasn’t convinced so I was able to get her pimps contact and told her I needed a girl for the Saturday. I was specific about the kind of girl I wanted and she was booked for me.” I explained.

Okay. So what happened next??” Prince asked…

She left the house saying she was going to the supermarket, I said no problem.
I left immediately she left too. I was patiently waiting for her in the hotel room. When she was delayed for some minutes, I was happy my doubts were just mere thoughts, not until she walked into the room.

Waawuu” Prince said.

So what did you do??” Desmond asked.

Nothing” I said

Hmmmmm …so where is she now??” Prince asked.

I don’t fvcking know man” I yelled.

Easy easy” Prince said tapping my shoulder.

I’m so sorry bro. I know if I had told you earlier probably…

Hold on a second, you know about this??” I asked angrily.

Listen is not like that” Desmond tried to explain.

Prince do you know about this too??” I asked looking at him angrily.

Bro, you need to calm down is…..

Answer the damn question” I yelled

Okay. Yes.
Desmond told me about it some time ago.

Jeez”I hit my head so hard with my hands.
Really???” I yelled.

Bro you really need to calm down and relax.” Desmond said.

Don’t fvcking tell me to calm down because you’re not the one in this mess and you’re not the one that will be answering to my mum when she finds out either” I yelled.

Bro, still you need to calm down and think of what to do” Prince said.

I can’t believe you both could hide such a thing from me. I thought we were brothers and we’re supposed to have each other’s back” I said angrily.

Look Andrew we can explain” Desmond said.

You both go fvck yourselves. I don’t want any god damn explanation.” I yelled at them and left.


Jesus Christ. I’m finished.” I cried

How do I even go home now? Chai…

I don’t think I can face him or his mum like this o…God, please have mercy on me.

How did he even find out?

When it was past 7, I left the hotel and went home.

I got home and I met his mum watching the TV. I just greeted her. I was about going to my room when she called.

Sandra dear.. are you okay.?

Yes, ma. I’m okay.

Are you sure??
Your face looks swollen and your mood is not the usual mood. Come talk to me what is it??

God this woman doesn’t even know that I don’t deserve this care right now. In fact, I’m sure when she finds out, she’ll hate me so much.

We were still talking when I heard Andrew pull into the compound.

My heart was racing so fast… I was ready for the worse.

I was about going to my room when he walked in.

Hey mum” he said and keep walking to his room

Son son…..” His mum called after him.

Mum please not now” he said angrily.

God o, I have finally entered one chance” I said to myself and I rushed to my room at once.


I couldn’t even sleep throughout the night. I was just thinking of what to do. At this point, I think I’ll need to go look for a place and move my things out before it gets all messy.

I checked the time and it was 7:45 am. I was scared of leaving my room because I don’t know what I’m going to face.

I was still thinking of what to do when I heard a knock on my door. My heart almost jumped out of my mouth.

Yes, who is it??” I asked.

It’s me.” I heard Mrs. Lawson’s voice.

Ok, ma. Come in.

She walked in and close the door behind her.

Good morning ma” I stood up from the bed and greeted her

Morning my child. How are you??

I’m okay ma.

Are you sure?? Your face looks like someone that Haven’t had any sleep.

I did ma.

Okay, dear. But You know you can talk to me right??” She smiled.

Yes, ma” I replied.


Hope you slept well too?” I asked.

Hmmm, I couldn’t my dear. I don’t know what is wrong with my son. He started acting strange since yesterday evening he got back. Do you have an idea where he went to or what’s wrong with him??” She asked looking worried.

No ma. Maybe is just one of those days.” I said.

Hmmm..very unusual of him.
His room has been locked since last night even up till now he hasn’t opened it.
Please can you help me to speak with him?? Please” she pleaded.

I was just lost and don’t know what to say.

Please Sandra” she pleaded.

Okay, ma.

Alright, my love.. thank you” She smiled and left.

God, what kind of mess have I landed myself now” I cried.

I was reluctant to leave my room. I walked with several thoughts going through my mind to his room.

I summoned all the courage to knock praying he answers so that I can beg him.

Knock knock……(no response)

Knock knock…..(no response)

I was scared of knocking the third time. I was about knocking when he opened saying mum I said…

You?? What do you want??” He asked with a voice that could murder someone.

Please I want to talk to you. Please don’t shoot me out.” I pleaded with tears in my eyes.

He angrily left the door. I followed him inside immediately.

Andrew, please forgive me I said kneeling down.

He was just looking at me folding his hands.

I did what I had to do because I needed more money.” I cried…

Which money?? Don’t even get me pissed off more with that nonsense excuse.” He said angrily.

Yes I know I was selfish and unrepentant. But what were you expecting from a girl that has been prostituting for years” I cried still on my knees.

He was just looking at me without saying anything.

I’ll pack my things and leave before your mum finds out. But please just give me more days please don’t send me out. I know I’ve brought enough shame to you, I know you’ve tried to help. Please forgive me.

Do you think is about moving out???
What explanation do you want me to give to my mum? Why are you so selfish and self-centered?” He asked angrily.
You only care about yourself. You don’t even care about people around you, or how they feel.

I tried. I tried” I cried.
What do you want me to do. Growing up wasn’t easy Andrew.

Oh, don’t tell me about that crap. Do you think I had a smooth up bringing too??” He yelled.

Yeah I know but at least your mum never pushed you into doing dirty things to put food on her table. Unlike mine which made me sell my body for money.

Whaaat?? What did you just say??

I’m sorry about lying to you about my parent. My mum is still alive.

Oh God, this is too much” he said hitting his wall.
Is Sandra even your real name??? He asked angrily.

I doubt that” a voice said walking inside the room.

Mum” Andrew said.



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