I took a taxi to Mama’s place. She’s our supplier and also our mother in this business. She’s a young lady. She’s 32.

Mama di mama…I hail you.

Sandra baby how u dey na??

Mama ah no fine o. Everywhere like this dey show red light.

Hahaha, no worry. This package wey I won give you so, na better package wey be say green light must show.

Mama you know say I dey believe you die.

You trust me na. But this one, e dey different small pass the other ones” she said in a whisper.


Yes. Na two Dem be and they want am till daybreak.

Ah, Mama. Which kind package be this one na” I frown.

Sandy relax. Them make ready to pay better money.

Like how much?” I asked.

Per person na 1 thousand cedis.

Ehn😲…mama talk am again.

1 thousaaaaaaaand each.

Mama you sure???

Ah, don lie for you before???

No mama.

You na my favourite girl, na wetin make me call you be that.

Mama God go bless you. Abeg ah dey came.
Ah, must make this money for port Harcourt here.

That’s my girl. Oya come dey go the hotel now. Abeg behave yourself o.

Mama you trust me na. Ah no dey jonz.

Oya na.

I collected the address from her and headed to the hotel. It was one of the luxurious hotels in port Harcourt named *”Southern star hotels and towers”*.

I searched for the room number and it took me time to locate it because of the size of the building.

When I finally did, I was scared to enter inside despite they had already given a go-ahead to the receptionist to let me in.

I opened the door and I met two young guys sitting on the couch watching the television.

The room is so magnificent and beautiful. But the guys in the room were more beautiful.

I greeted them and they welcomed me. They made me feel at home. They ordered drinks and food.

I wasn’t used to all these refreshments before doing the do, so I was a bit uncomfortable.

I guess they noticed and one of them asked if I’m okay. I told him yes and he smiled.

Moments later

What’s that your name again??” One of them asked.


Okay. Sandra can you dance???

I smiled. Yes, I can.

Great. I want you to entertain us.
Dance for us, twerk for us and strip for us” he said seductively.

Okay. I said and arranged myself for action. There was no point in being shy because it’s part of my job and I’ve done this countless times.

They turned to a music channel and I started dancing and twerking. Suddenly one of them reduced the music volume.

Strip.” He commanded not taking his gaze off me.

I did and I was left with my bra and pants.

I said strip” He commanded, this time sounding aggressive.

I obeyed him immediately because he’s a customer and I needed to satisfy him in order to get my money.

I stripped, standing stark naked in their presence.

Good girl” the other quiet one smiled.

Now I want you to twerk for me like that.

I did and he asked me to stop after several minutes of twerking.

After then, they both took turns in fvcking me. They did to the point that I was sore and tired.

Despite I was tired, they didn’t stop. I couldn’t complain because I needed the money.

They fvcked me till daybreak. I almost passed out. I later found out that they were both DOPEHEAD.

I only managed to close my eyes to sleep after they were done with me.


I left my room to use the bathroom in the middle of the night when I saw Matilda seating in the sitting room.

Matilda why are you not sleeping?? Are you okay?

No, I’m not okay.

What’s wrong?? Are you sick??

Yes. I’m sick and tired of this life sister Sandra is living. Look, it’s 2:00 am and she’s not back.

C’mon Matilda, it is not as if today is the first time she’s sleeping out.
I know but I feel strange today. I can’t even sleep. I’m worried about her. ..

Matilda Don’t worry she’ll be fine.


Oya go to bed.


I left her to use the bathroom but before I came back she has already gone to her room. She shares the same room with sister Sandra.


I woke up the following morning with a banging headache. By the time I woke up, no one was in the room. In fact no trace of them. Except for the bundles of money and a note close to it.

It says *”I’m sure you’ll be waking up with a banging headache but I dropped you some money to take care of yourself. Dress up and get out of the suite”*.

I checked the money and it was 1k per bundle. I was so happy because I know that my siblings’ fees are covered.

I tried to stand up but my legs were trying to give up on me. That was when I remembered how they fvcked the hell out of me yesterday. The thought brought tears to my eyes but I quickly cleaned my face since there was no point in doing that.

Hopefully, my story can change someday.

I called mama telling her how it went. Her share of the money is 500 cedis. I sent it to her account since I have money in my account instead of going to her place again.

I cleaned myself up afterwards and left.


I got home around 10 in the morning because I had to stop by the bank to deposit the money into my account. Mum was in the living room watching a movie with my siblings.

Good morning mum.

Ah, morning my dear. How was your night?” She smiled.

Fine ma” I replied her trying to go inside the room.

Ehn Sandra wait na.
How far, how did it go???

Fine.” I replied.

Anything for me???

No mum. Nothing for you.
Yesterday wasn’t really a good day for me.

Ah, so you’re saying nothing at all for me??

Yes, ma.

No o that’s not possible. After I allowed you to stay out last night without a complaint.

Mum????” Matilda shouted.

Shut up you fool” she scolded Matilda.

I dip my hand into my bag and gave her 50 cedis from the 100 cedis I have left in my bag. I really don’t have the strength to argue with her.

That’s what I’m saying” she collected the money from me and smiled.

Welcome my child.
Matilda, go and make breakfast for your sister because I know she must be very hungry.

I just looked at her and left.

Matilda followed me inside the room.

She came to sit beside me on the bed.

Sis, are you okay??

Yes, I am” I smiled.

But you look pale and sick.

I’m fine my dear. Just tired.

Hmmm…I have pain relief should I get it for you????” She asked with so much concern.

Okay, dear.

She made tea for me and I took the drugs after eating.

I had a proper shower and went to bed.


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