I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 20)



Mum ” Andrew said.

Don’t mum me. So you knew all along what she does and you kept mute and acted like nothing is happening?? She asked.

Mum, I can explain” Andrew said.

Explain what?? I heard everything.
To think she’s a decent person and I loved her unconditionally. I treated her like a daughter. Oh God, how foolish I was.

Ma, please I can explain” I cried

Mum please is not what you think” Andrew said moving close to his mum.

Do you want to know what I think?? I think you both are disgusting” she said and left the room.

Are you happy now??” He asked with so much rage.

Andrew” I tried holding his leg.

Don’t touch me.” He yelled and left the room.


I followed my mum to her room to talk to her.

Mum, I beg of you just listen to me, please.

Andrew, you made a fool of me. How do you live with such lies?. Tell me” she asked.

Mum, I did what I did because she was stranded back then. Mum, she lied to both of us.

The bottom line is you know she’s a prostitute” she yelled.

Yes, mum. I know but she promised to change. I never knew it was all a lie.

So the transfer from Lagos to here was all fabricated stories??? C’mon Andrew, I trained you to be a better person than this. You lied to me.

Mum, I’m sorry.

Andrew please just leave me alone. Just get out of my room.


Andrew please leave.

I was short of words. I left her room in total sadness.

No one went to church because of the whole situation. The day went by like a mourning house.


I got dressed for work. I didn’t see mum outside, so I went to her room to check up on her.

Good morning mum” I greeted.


How was your night??” I asked.


Alright. I’m off to work.
See you later.


I left her room. Mum has never been this cold to me before.

Been it Monday, I have lots of work and meetings to attend.

Around 12 pm when I finally had time to rest, my door opened.

Good afternoon bro” Prince and Desmond greeted

Afternoon.” I said pressing my phone.

They both sat down looking at me.

Bro, I’m sorry for what happened. I’m sorry for not giving you a heads up. I was trying to protect you because I could see you were getting so attached to her.” Prince said.

Exactly man. I didn’t tell you because I know you would react harshly. I’m sorry. Desmond said

I’m not buying your flimsy excuses. Now look at it, everything is messed up. You guys fvcked me up way more than Sandra did” I yelled at them.

They were both quiet.

Damn,” I said hitting my table.

Bro you’ll really need to calm down. This can’t solve the problem at hand now, we need to think of what to do” Prince said.

Stop telling me to calm down” I yelled.

Alright then, I guess we should live you then since you don’t need us to tell you anything.” Desmond said standing up.

Desmond” Prince called him back.

What???”Desmond asked angrily.
He doesn’t want to listen to anyone. Do you want me to keep sitting here and watch him nag?
Yes, I didn’t tell you and I didn’t regret it. I was only protecting you. I didn’t tell you because I know it will hurt you to see all your effort not being appreciated. But if you think what I or we did was wrong so be it.” He said and left.


Hmmm”I sighed…

Bro, I won’t lie to you but right now you’re taking this too far.
Yes I know you’re upset and you have every right to be but c’mon you know we did what we did because we didn’t want to see you this way.

Hmmmmmmmm….but at least you guys should have said something least I won’t be cut off guard.

We know. We’re sorry.

He just looked at me and went back to sit down placing his hands on his head

So what is the situation of things right now??” I asked.

Well, mum is not taking it likely at all. I mean this is what I’ve been scared of.

So, what about Sandra??

She was busy begging. Could you believe this girl also lied about being an orphan??” He said.

What do you mean” I asked.

Her mother is still alive.

What?? Why does she have to lie so much.” I was confused.

I don’t know man. I doubt if her real name is even Sandra. She seems to be lying about everything. Now I don’t even know how to face my mum.

Hmmm..don’t worry. Mum will come around.

I hope so.

Will you still be allowing her to stay at your place.?

No way. I’m giving her only a week to get herself a place and get out of my house.” He said.

Andrew looks at me” I said calmly.


Tell me the truth.
Why are you so upset about all this??
I mean she’s someone you met on the street and you know she does this thing before you allowed her into your house. You shouldn’t be this upset.

What are you saying??” He asked.

Andrew tell me the truth, Do you feel anything for this girl at all?” I asked.

What are you saying??? he asked again.

Andrew, please don’t lie to me. Your feelings will go a long way in settling this issue.

I don’t know bro.

You know we’ve been friends for the past 10 years and I can tell when you’re in love. I think you feel something for this girl maybe you just haven’t realized it yet.

He just looked at me and relaxed on his chair.

Bro please calm down and think very well before you do anything in this situation. Try and get to know her own side of the story. Everybody has a story you know” I said.

He was mute…

Anyways, I have to head back to the office.

Alright. Thanks, man, I really do appreciate it.

You’re welcome.

Alright,” I made to leave.

Andrew don’t forget to call Desmond” I said opening the door.

Sure. I will” he said.

Alright.” I left his office.


At this point, I don’t even think I’ll be able to stay for even one more week in this house. I’ll just die of shame.

I couldn’t go to work because my face was so swollen. I called my boss and told her that I’m sick.

When I came out of my room, no one was in the living room. I was even scared of going to her room to greet her.

I summoned all the courage I have left in me to go to her room.

Knock knock…


I opened her door gently.

Good morning ma.


Hope you slept well ma” I asked.


Okay, ma. Just came to check up on you.


I left her room with tears in my eyes. She has never been this cold to me before.

I quickly showered and got dressed.

I called the agent that helped me get a place back then. Luckily he said there is an apartment. I went to see the place immediately after I dropped the call.

It’s a self-contained. 200 cedis per month.
I quickly paid.

Thank God the place wasn’t looking bad at all. It seems the person that packed out didn’t stay long before leaving because everything was still looking new.

I told the landlord that I’ll be moving in later this evening. He said it’s all mine and he has no problem with when I want to move in.

I went back home around 3 pm. Thank God no one was at home when I got back. I quickly move my things into my big box and a smaller bag.

I left before any of them could come back.

I got to my new place in the evening.
I couldn’t get anything else for that day because I was feeling sick already as a result of the crying and stress.

I will be sleeping on an empty floor for the night.

Mrs. Lawson

It still baffles me that Sandra could do all the things she did. I loved her like my child. If she wasn’t doing this her dirty stuff for fun why couldn’t she confide in me?

I went out for fresh air. I got back around 5 pm.

To think that I was forcing ideas into Andrew’s head for him to like her. But what I still don’t get is, why does Andrew have to lie to cover up for her if they don’t share anything in common??

I need answers to this madness they’ve all done. I’ll be waiting patiently till they both get back.



I was going to grab water from the fridge in the kitchen when mum said.
Oga your friend is not back home o?? Won’t you call her??” She said with a no-nonsense tone.

I guess she’ll be back from where ever she went to.” I said

I grab my water and went back to my room.

BY 11 PM, I just finished going through some work and I was feeling hungry. I went to the kitchen to get cereals when I remembered that Sandra hasn’t gotten back before I went inside my room.

Why am I even bothered? I’m sure she’s in her room and has refused to come outside since she got back. Mtcheeww, staying inside won’t change anything. ” I took my cereals and left.



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