I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 21)




I dreamt of my sis today. Let me call her and know how she’s doing.


📱Hello sis

📱Hello Matilda. How are you?

📱I’m fine sis. You??

📱I’m okay. How is Kelvin?

📱He’s fine. But sis are you sure you’re fine???

📱Yes, I am.

📱You sound so dull. Is everything okay with you over there??

📱Yes, my dear. I’m fine.

📱Okay, sis. Just checking up on you.

📱 Thank you, my love. Please take good care of yourselves

📱I will sis. You too.

📱I will my dear.

📱 Alright. Bye.


I feel like my sister is not okay. She sounds somehow. I have a feeling she’s not telling me the truth. God please whatever it is that is bothering her please make it easy for her because of our sake.

Mrs. Lawson

I woke up in the morning. I went to the kitchen to make breakfast that was when I remembered that Sandra didn’t come home before I went to bed yesterday.

Could it be that she didn’t come home at all??” I was curious.

I went into her room and she wasn’t there. I was about leaving her room when my eyes went to the wardrobe. It was open and empty.

I checked the bathroom and no traces of her or her stuffs. I became worried.

I went to Andrew’s room to let him know about the new development.


I was dressing up on Tuesday morning when mum barged into my room without knocking very unusual of her.

Good morning mum” I greeted.

Morning. How was your night??” She asked.

Fine mum” I smiled.

Fine too.
Andrew, did you know that Sandra didn’t sleep at home last night?” She asked

She didn’t??” I asked.

No, and her things are no longer in the room either.

I don’t understand” I said.

I mean she has gone. I couldn’t even find a thing of her in that room.

I was surprised. How could she leave just like that???” I asked myself.

Well, I think it will be best for everyone now that she decided to leave” I said.

Are you insane?” Mum asked angrily.

Mum, I don’t understand you. Just yesterday you were angry at her for lying and prostituting, what changed???” I asked surprisingly.

What changed is that I’m a mother and I don’t want anything bad to happen to her. Regardless of how angry I am, I still do like her and I want her to be safe wherever she is.

Mum, she’s a grown-up girl. She can take care of herself.

Okay,” she said and left my room.

But, how come she left without saying anything to anyone. Does she think disappearing into thin air will solve everything she has caused??

I went to have breakfast after dressing up. I was about leaving the house when I entered inside her room to confirm if what mum said was true.

I entered and opened the other side door of the wardrobe. It was empty.

I was about going out when I saw a paper halfway under her light stand. I took the paper and opened it.

“I’m so sorry for everything I’ve caused you all. I’m sorry for all the lies I told. I just wish I could turn back the hands of time. I wish I never had to choose between living a normal life and being a prostitute. I’m sorry please forgive me”

I just folded back the paper and put it inside my pocket and left.

I got to the office quite late because of the traffic. I continued staring at the paper once I was settled in my office.

I can’t even deduce any sense from what she wrote. Why can’t she just tell me whatever her reasons were on the paper instead of the parables she’s writing.

I folded it back into my pocket. It was then I realized that I needed to see Desmond. We haven’t spoken since yesterday.

I called my secretary Anna to come to my office.



Yes Anna, what’s my schedule for today??” I asked.

Nothing much for today. The meeting that was supposed to hold today has been shifted till tomorrow. So your today is free.

Okay. Thank you” I said calmly.

You’re welcome, sir.

Okay, I’ll be going out soon. I won’t stay long.

Okay, sir.

Alright. You can go.

Alright, sir” she said and left.

I took my car keys and headed to Desmond’s office.


I went straight to his office.


Good morning bro” I said.

Good morning man” we shook hands.

How are you doing??” I asked.

Fine, thank you.
How are you feeling today??” He asked.

Well, I’m better.

That’s nice.” He said.

Look man, I’m sorry for taking my anger out on you guys. I was just angry because you both hid something like that from me.

I understand bro. I never told you because I didn’t want to see you hurt. I’m sorry for not telling you earlier and sorry for walking out on you yesterday.

Yeah, I needed the walking out. I was being a dick yesterday” we both laughed.

It’s fine bro. I understand your pain” he said.


So how is everything at home now??

Well, Sandra already moved out.” I said.

You sent her out of the house??” He asked.

Nope. I never knew she moved out yesterday until this morning.

Hmmm..this is serious.
Do you know exactly where she could be??..

I don’t have an idea and besides, I’m sure she’s okay where ever she is. Maybe her moving out will be the best for everyone.” I said.

Are you sure about that??” He asked looking at me.


Andrew are you sure???
Look, it’s fine not to realize your feelings for someone at the appropriate time but one thing I know for sure is that, you can’t tell me you don’t have feelings for this girl and I’m sure you’re bothered about her whereabouts too.

I just looked at him and dip my hand in my pocket.

Here” I handed him the letter I found in her room.
I found that in her room.


Hmmm, bro what are you going to do now???

Nothing.” He said.

What do you mean by nothing??
You need to hear her own side of the story. I’m sure there must be a story behind all she does.

Even lying about herself being an orphan when she still has her mother???” He asked.

There are people who are still alive but they’re as good as being dead. Don’t you think??” I asked.

So what are you saying now??” He asked.

Look for her and get to know the reason why she lied and most importantly, why she started prostituting because you and I know you care so much about this girl.

I don’t know man but I’ll think of what to do” he replied.


We talked about work before he left.

The truth is that I wasn’t really angry at him yesterday because I Know the situation he is in.
Andrew on a norm will never yell at me or Prince. We respect each other a lot.


I went to get into bed after arranging my room. I was so lucky that there was a wall wardrobe in the room.

I got a bed of 1k, curtains and other important things.

When I was done, I bath and went to see Mary because I already called her that I was coming.

So you’re trying to say that this dude didn’t send you out by himself??” Mary asked.

No, he didn’t.

Chai, this guy is really an angel in human form. Because if I’m the one in his shoes, that day like this, you would have met your luggage outside the house.” She said.

Mary, can you please stop being unreasonable.

Unreasonablefor where???
You caused everything upon yourself. I warned you but you never cared to listen, you said you were being careful. So how come you were caught??

Mary please I don’t need all these sermons and sentiments right now.

Okay fine. What do you plan on doing now???

I’ve moved out already na. I will just wait and see what the future holds.

Aren’t you going back to work?
I’m sure Andrew wouldn’t tell the lady anything about what happened.

How sure are you??” I asked.

I’m 100percent sure he won’t because from all indications, that guy is not that type of a person.” She explained

I don’t know about that for now.

But babe you made a big mistake. You should have waited to tell them your story at least it might change the way they look at you. You really do owe them an explanation ” She explained.

Look explanation or no explanation, I’m a mess and there is nothing that will change that fact. So, please.

Okay o.
What do you want to eat?” She asked.

Anything. I’m really hungry.

Okay. Let me make noodles and egg for you

Okay my love..thank you

You’re welcome.

I was laying down on Mary’s bed almost drifting to sleep when my phone rang. It was a strange number.


📱Hello, Sandra” I’m sure it was Mrs. Lawson’s voice.

📱Good afternoon ma.

📱 Afternoon. How are you??

📱I’m fine.

📱Can you come over to the house, I want to have a word with you.

📱I’ll try.

📱Okay. I’ll be expecting you

📱Ok, ma. Bye.

I ended the call

Who was that ??” Mary asked entering inside with my food.

Andrew’s mum.” I said.

What did she say??

She said I should come over to the house and that she wants to have a word with me.

That’s great at least you get to tell her the truth.

See babe I’m not going anywhere abeg. I no get that kind liver.

Better go look for one and go clear your mess” she said angrily.

Honestly, I can’t go back there. The shame is too much. Where will I even start from??

Start from the beginning. Don’t leave out any part. Be sincere and let her know you’re sorry for doing all you did.

You’re not the one in the situation that’s why is easy for you to say” I said

I know but you still have to go.

I’m not going please.” I took the spoon and starts eating my food after putting my phone off.



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