I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 22)




I resumed work two weeks ago. Thank God Andrew hasn’t told her anything. I got a new line because of Andrew’s mum because she kept calling me. I don’t think I’m ready to answer all her questions for now.

Thank God Andrew hasn’t called or even make an attempt of coming to check up on me here.


Bro what do you plan on doing since mum has been on your tail to go look for her.

She’s still going to work. I spoke with her boss.

You told her boss??” I asked.

Nah. I wouldn’t do that.

Okay. But do you know where she stays??

I don’t.

And you’re not bothered??? I asked.

He was quiet. (silence)

Andrew go talk to this girl. It’s three weeks already.

What will I say to her???

Make her tell you what really happened to her.

The truth is that I really do miss her presence.
Yeah, we hardly talk at home but at least I get to see her often…

Ehen that’s what I’m saying. My brother is in love” I teased him

You’re mad o. I said, I just miss her presence around the house.

Andrew stop lying to yourself and embrace the truth.

Which is??

You have feelings for her.
There is really no crime in admitting to that. She’s a beautiful young lady and falling in love with her after a series of having a taste of her will only be normal.

But it’s crazy right???” He asked.

It’s not. From the very day you allowed her into your house, I knew you had a soft spot for her because you of all people that I know wouldn’t allow a girl into your house just like that, not to talk of a girl you met in a hotel.

I only did that because I wanted to help.” He said

No. You did that because you liked her and didn’t want her to be stranded.

Hmmmm..that’s true tho.

You see.
So go and talk to her and know what’s up with her and get to know all she has been hiding. I’m sure she will definitely open up.

Okay, I will try.

No, don’t try. Do it.

Okay, sir” he said rolling his eyes.


On Friday I left work earlier than before so that I can go talk to Sandra.

I got to her store by 5:30 pm. She was already making accounts with her boss and about closing for the day.

Good evening” I greeted when I entered.

Good evening” she said looking at me with an emotion I can’t place.

Ah good evening Drew. It’s been a while” Christy said.

Yeah. How have you been??” I asked.

I’ve been great.
You??” She asked.

I’ve been great too.
How is work and business??” I asked.

Fine my dear.


Okay. I guess you’re here to see Sandra “. She said.

Yeah.” I replied calmly.

Okay. Just be patient for the next few minutes. We’re almost done for the day.” She said cheerfully.

Alright. I’ll be in my car.” I said…


I waited back in my car for like 15 minutes before she finally came out with her bag looking quite sad.

I opened the car for her to get in and she did.

Hey,” I said.

Hey,” she said inform of a whisper. I could see through her that she wasn’t comfortable.

Sandra, please loosen up a bit. I’m not here to judge you as always. I just want us to talk please” I said calmly.

Okay, she said.

Can we go somewhere? I mean a cool place just for us to talk.

Okay.” She replied.

I drove to the lounge we met the day I came to tell her about this her present work.

We got there in no time. She refused to order for anything saying she’s okay.

We sat for some minutes without saying anything. I was just busy staring at her. She still looks so beautiful and I never knew I’ve missed her this much not until now.

Sandra” I called her

Yes,” she said not wanting to look at me in the eyes.

Look at me please” I said.

She gradually raises her head.

Look at me in the eyes and tell me the truth about yourself. I just want to know. Please don’t lie to me again.

She was quiet.

Sandra please”.


I can’t even look him in the eyes. I feel like I’ve embarrassed him more than enough.

But his voice keeps making me question myself if this is actually the guy I used to know. He sounded more like a gentleman right now.

I won’t judge you as long as you tell me the truth” he said.

Okay.” I finally said.

Thank you. I’m all ears.

It all started when my dad died. My family went through hell after his death. None of his family members cared about us. It was just I, my siblings and my mum.

I lost my dad at the age of 18 after my entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions result came out. I forgot about the plan of attaining a BSC and went for my National Diploma instead, since it will save me and my family from spending too much.

I went through hell to finish my ND but I eventually did with a distinction. I graduated when I was twenty. Then my two siblings were already done with their BECE.

I started huzzling to make ends meet for my family being the first child and since there was no money and no family members who were willing to help. At first, I did my one year IT at a marketing company, hoping they will at least keep me when I was done but they didn’t.

During my internship period, I was able to raise money for my siblings to write their WASSCE. They wrote and completed it successfully with flying colors.

I paused.

Hmmmmm, so what did your mum do to assist the family??” He asked.

Well, Mrs. Maria Johnson, my mum wasn’t helping the situation at all. She was constantly reminding me that their hopes were on me.” I said.

Matilda and Kelvin got admission into the University of Ghana. They’re both twins but they don’t look identical at all. They’re 3years younger than I am.
I had to provide for my siblings and my mum. That was how I started sleeping with men for money since they couldnt help me without me sleeping with them.

I started prostituting since that was the only business that could put food on our table and also see my siblings through school.

My mum keeps pushing me more into it because all she cares about was her outrageous demands and extravagant life. I couldn’t take it anymore that was why I left the house that night you came to pick me up.” I said.

Waoooww, this is a whole lot.
I now see the reason why you said you’re an orphan” he said.
But what kind of a mother does this to her child??” He asked.

My kind of mother I guess” I smiled.

Hmmmmm.. that’s so evil and wrong.

Yeah. Andrew, I’m so sorry for lying to you and your mum. I couldn’t just bring myself to letting you know about it.

But you should have said something instead of doing things the way you did.” He said looking at me with what I think is a concern.

I’m sorry.
I never knew it will take the turn it took when your mum came into the picture. I was thinking it’s just going to be all about sex and I get paid. I was willing to live with that because I’m used to men sleeping with me before helping me.

Sandra, I’m sorry you have to go through all this and I regretted doing what I did to you then. Trust me I didn’t do that because I feel I need to take advantage of you before helping you. I was just fighting my own inner demons too.” He said calmly.

Yeah, I know about it.” I smiled.

About what??” He asked unsurely.

About your inner demons. I know you can’t sleep at night without drugs, alcohol, or women. I know all that.

How did you know???” He asked

Mum told me. She cried on that day because his son was going through hell and she couldn’t do anything about it.” I said

Waoow” he said.
I could see he was fighting the tears gathering in his eyes.

Andrew, I’m glad you’re okay now.
I really do admire your strength. I’m glad you’re better now.” I said calmly.

Yeah” he faked a smile
So when are you coming home to see my mum??” He asked.

I don’t know” I said looking away.

Please I beg of you. You need to come and see her. Her anger has died down and it’s now clouded with worries. She misses you so much.

I miss her too” I said with tears streaming down my face.

It’s fine dear.
Take your time to pull yourself together. I’ll let her know that you’re fine and you’ll come to see her once you’re ready to face her.

Thank you” I said calmly.

You’re welcome.
Where are you staying now??

Well, I’ve gotten my place.” I smiled.

That’s nice. Can I take you home if it’s late?

No. Don’t worry I’ll find my way home.

Please I insist.

I looked at him and he was looking so calm and cute.

Okay,” I said.

He drove me home.

We stopped at my gate.

So this is where you stay??? He asked.

Yes. Come in” I said.


He parked properly and we entered inside together.

This is where I’m staying” I said once I on the light in my room.

It’s cool” he said looking around.

Thank you.” I said.

Alright, I’ll have to go now.

Alright, thank you for today. It really means a lot to me” I said sincerely.

He moved closer to me and held my hands.

I’m sorry for judging you without knowing your story.

It’s fine” I said.

But Sandra can you promise me one time again?. I mean for real this time.


That you won’t go back to sleeping with men for money.” He said with so much calmness.

I looked at him in the eyes. At this point, I can’t lie to him anymore. I feel safe that moment standing with him.

I won’t” I said looking at him

Promise??” He held my hands tight.

I Promise this time.” I said calmly

The next thing he did surprised me.

He tilted my head up and kissed me passionately.” In fact, no man has ever kissed me like that before in my whole life.

I felt hot tears streaming down my face and cold running through my spine.

Thank you” he said after breaking the kiss.

I just knodded because I was too lost to say anything.

Goodnight” he said and left.

I watch him leave before locking my door.
God this isn’t happening.

Why do I feel so different with him right now?? I could still feel his lips on mine. This is a feeling I never had before.



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