I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 23)




Sandra and I have been cool these past few days. She promised to come over to see my mum tomorrow but I wouldn’t be around tho.
I have a business trip I need to make to Kumasi.

I actually get to know that Sandra is actually a cool person. The day I kissed her at her place is still one of the days I just can’t erase. It feels like I’m meeting her for the first time. Everything seems different. Although we haven’t said anything about it.

I was packing my stuff into my travelling bag when a call came in from an unknown number.



📱Hello,” I said again.

📱It’s me Andrew please don’t hang up on me” I heard Kate say.

I hissed and ended the call.

I continued arranging my clothes but my phone kept ringing countless times.

I picked again

📱Kate what do you want??” I asked angrily.

📱I want you. I want you back in my life.

📱Lol, I’m sure you’re high on some cheap drugs or those different sperms you’re collecting” I said

📱Andrew forgive me. I still do love you so much with all my heart.

📱Eyyaaa sorry o Mrs lover gal. It seems you don’t have anything reasonable to say.

📱Andrew remember this, if I can’t have you all to myself, no girl will ever have you.

📱Get your fucking cheating self out of my phone.” I yelled and ended the call.

Can you imagine what this stupid girl is saying? Mtcheew” I hissed and continue packing my stuff.

Mrs Lawson

Finally, you’ve come to see me” I said when Sandra walked in.

Good morning ma” she greeted.

Morning my dear. Come and sit.

She sat down and she was looking uncomfortable.

Sandra relax ok??
I’ve heard everything that you’ve been through” I said.

I’m so sorry ma, I didn’t mean to lie to any of you about the whole situation. I was just ashamed.” She said kneeling down.

C’mon get up” she did

Sandra, I’ve loved you like a child ever since I saw you. I was angry because even if you were ashamed of telling anyone about it, at least you should have told me. I talked to you about myself too.
Prostitution is not something to be proud of especially when your own mother is the leading way. But you should have said something. Or have I ever made you uncomfortable before?” I asked.

No mum. In fact, you showed me the love I never get to experience from my own mother. That’s the more reason why I was ashamed to come and see you because I’ve disappointed you.” She replied

Yes, I was disappointed. But not at you anymore after hearing your story from my son. I’m disappointed in your mum for destroying the life of a young girl like you.

Thank you so much for your understanding ma” she said.

You’re welcome my dear and trust me, you’re a strong lady. Your siblings should be proud of you any day anytime.

She smiled.

I’ve missed you so much my dear” I said.

Me too mum” she came to hug me.

We stayed like that for a while, before I finally let her go.

So, how are work and your new place??” I asked her.

Work is fine and my new place is lovely.” She said.

That’s good. Sandra promise me you won’t go back to that life again??” I asked.

I’ll never mum. I promise.

That’s my girl.
Andrew already travelled to Kumasi this morning, he’ll be back in a week time” I said.

Yes. He told me” she smiled.

Hope you’re spending the weekend with me.??” I asked.

Okay, ma.” She smiled.



(The boys’ outing)

Dude what do you plan on doing about this Kate issue??” Desmond asked.

Mtcheeeww I’m not even worried about that girl one bit. She’ll behave when she’s done blabbering.

But from the messages she has been sending you, I smell trouble. You know how crazy that girl can be.” Prince said.

Exactly what I’m saying. We all know how crazy that girl is. I feel she has something up her sleeves.” Desmond said.

Guys what do you want me to do then??” I asked.

Why not invite her over for lunch or dinner and speak that since she has refused to have it into her head” Desmond said.

Invite her and threaten her. When she sees that you’re serious and not ready for her nonchalant attitude and empty threats, she’ll behave and leave you alone.” Prince said.

Hmmm…I’ll think of what to do” I said.

Think fast o” Prince said.


So how is Sandra doing??” Desmond asked.

She’s good.

That’s good to hear.” Desmond said.

So does she knows you now have a genuine feeling for her?? I mean have you talked to her about how you feel towards her?” Prince asked.

Nah. I haven’t.

Why??” Desmond asked.

I just want to take things slow for now. We’re actually good this way. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable by telling her otherwise.” I said.

But you kissed her when you went to her place the first time now” Prince said.


So that should be a sign to her that you already have feelings for her. Better go talk your mind now before it’s late oo. Sandra will change her mind o” Prince teased.

Yeah, so enough of me guys. Des, how far with that project you were telling me about?? I asked.

Bro still on it but by next week we should be done.

And that means more money” I smiled.

Yes o my brother” Desmond said.

But guy how far hope you know you promised me something?” Prince said looking at Desmond.

No worry na. We gather dey.” Desmond said.

Idiot I don’t trust you” Prince said.

But seriously Prince, come and dash me money na, I go show you love when the money don enter.” Desmond said

See this thief. Coman and collect na
But Drew, how far na make I send my account number?” Prince asked smiling.

Please did I say anything since you both have been discussing money issue?? Please I cannot come and be dashing millionaires’ money again. It’s such a waste” I said sipping my drink and they both laughed.



These past months have been an amazing time for me. I could now go to sleep without the worries of those I’ve been lying to.

Andrew has been really helpful. He checks up on me often and I do visit his mum every weekend but she travelled a few days ago.

It’s Saturday and I need to go see Andrew. He had begged me to come help him prepare something to eat this evening.

He has been acting strange around me since he came to my house the first time to kiss me. Although he hasn’t said anything to me but I feel a lot has changed lately and I think I like him I’ve known these past weeks.

I got dressed and left the house.

I got to his place and I was perceiving a delicious aroma circulating everywhere.

The dining table was arranged.

I was still staring at the dining when I heard a voice behind me.

You’re welcome beautiful.

I turned to face him. He was looking so cute and that smile on his face makes me want to just…….

Hey,” I said.

Hey,” he said.

You have a guest??” I asked because I’m sure someone just finished cooking with the kind of aroma circulating the house.

Yes.” He replied.

Oh..that’s cool.


Come over and sit” he said pointing to the dining.

I thought you said you had a guest??” I asked still standing.

Just come and sit.” He said holding my hands.

I sat down looking confused.

Hey,” he called out gently standing next to me after I was seated.

You’re my guest. So just relax while I serve you.” He smiled.

I was just shocked. I was just staring at him. He dished the food for me.

Please taste the food and let me know if it matches your taste buds.” He smiled.

I smiled and took my spoon. He prepared jollof rice and chicken pepper soup. I tasted the pepper soup first and oh my God, it was so tasty and yummy.
I went further to taste the rice and it was just amazing.

Do you like it??” He asked.

Yes. They both taste perfect” I smiled.

Thank you” he smiled.

But who cooked.? I asked.

I did.

You know how to cook??” I asked surprised because all through my stay in that house, I’ve never even seen him boil water not to talk of cook.

Yes. I can cook.
Mum taught me. Remember it was just the two of us growing up.” He smiled.

Yeah..this is nice.

Thank you. Now enjoy your meal.

We ate in silence but I could notice him staring at me all through the time we ate.

When we were done, he asked me to come to his room.

I followed him.

He already had a whine and two cups arranged on the mini table in his room. I was just wowed.

Hey, come” he held my hands and make me sit.

He poured the drinks into the cups afterwards.

He gave me mine and he said we should cheers.

Let’s cheers to a new beginning.” He said with a smile.

We did and sipped out of the wine a little.

Sandra, I love you” he said out of the blue.

I was shocked.


I couldn’t hold it any longer I had to tell her how I feel.

You said what??” She asked looking surprised.

I love you Sandra and I’m serious about it.” I said looking at her right in the eyes.

You can’t love a girl like me. ” She said

Why??” I asked.

My life is a messed up one” she said her mood changing so fast.

I love you and your messed up life like that.” I said.

Andrew how can you love me after everything you know??” She asked staring into my eyes.

I dropped my drink and held her hands.
I love you regardless of what your past looks like. We all have a story.
I have my ugly past and you know that too” I said.

But you can’t be comparing yourself to me. Mine is far worse than yours.” She said.

You think so??” I asked.

Yes, I know so.

Sandra your past is your past. Your past doesn’t determine what your future will look like.” I said.

But there is always a connection.” She said sadly.

Sandra, please don’t do that.” I said.




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