My siblings were set to go back to school.
I made sure I got everything they’ll be needing. I’ve also sent their school fees to their accounts.

I called on both of them to my room.

I’ll miss you guys so much” I said.

We too Sis” they said sadly.

Please take good care of yourselves. This is your 3rd year, Please don’t disappoint me. You know how I’m trying all I can to make ends meet. Please focus only on your studies so that you can come out with flying colours and also make me proud.

We will never disappoint you Sis” Matilda said.

Thank you” I smiled.

But Sis, you need to take care of yourself too. Please you’ll need to stop this life someday.” Kelvin said.

Yes, I will only when I’m sure you both can fend for yourselves.


Matilda please I’m always begging you specifically, please don’t even think of using your body to get anything done for any reason. Please.

This is not a life and me being in it already is enough please don’t disappoint me please. Men will always try to use you but don’t give them the chance please.” I pleaded holding her hands.

Sis, I will never disappoint you. I promise you that.

That’s my girl. Don’t worry about your phone, okay, I’ll get you a new phone for your birthday” I touched her cheek.

Aww.. thanks, sis.

You’re welcome.

Sis, please take care of yourself” Kelvin said.

Alright, darling. I will.
And please take good care of each other.

Okay, sis.

I escorted them to the park and waited till their car took off.

I went back home to prepare for an appointment.

Mary (Sandra’s friend)


Babe, I’m glad you came to visit today. Since I came back from school you don’t want to come and see me.

I’m sorry darling but you know I’ve missed you so much” Sandra said.

Me too my love. So how have you been??.

I’ve been around and quite busy too.

Busy doing what???” I asked.

You know the story na” she smiled.

Sandy, you haven’t stopped??? I asked angrily.

Stop for what???
Who will pay my bills if I stop? Who will take care of my siblings in school and my over-demanding mum???

Hmmm…Sandra, I know all of this but c’mon you can’t continue like this forever. You’re all grown up now. You should use some of the money you get to start up something reasonable. Just maybe you might see a responsible man that will be willing to take care of you.

Mary, is not as easy as you think. Besides you know my take on men generally.

If some stupid ones take advantage of you doesn’t make every man the same.” I explained.

I’m okay with sleeping with them for money. Besides, that’s all they want. I don’t have any plan of getting myself involved with any stupid man that will still end up making me his $ex toy. Is better I keep living for many that brings more money than to stick with one that will still use me.
Sandra, you’re just so stupid.

Yeah, I know.” She smiled.

Mary POV

If there is anything that I wish to emulate from Sandra is the ability to still smile through her pain. This young lady is someone I’ve been friends with for years. She doesn’t have a perfect life but trust me, she has a perfect heart. She has a heart that compliments her beauty.
So loving and* caring. She puts others before herself. Even when I was in school, sometimes after chatting with her and I told her how things were hard for me in school, she sends me money even without asking.

The truth is, I wish I can do something to help her and make her put an end to this life she’s living. I just finished my BSc program and I’m waiting for my result.

So what is the plan for now??” Sandra asked.

I’ll just wait till my result comes out so that I’ll go for my clearance. Then await national service.

That’s lovely. I can’t wait to see you start though.

Lol. Thanks, babes.

We gisted for some time because my mum and dad travelled to Kumasi for a wedding. She stayed with me till she received a call and had to go.



I came back home very tired on a Thursday night. I’ve already had something to eat at the hotel so I just came home, freshen up and prepare to sleep.

I was about to doze off when mum entered my room.



Yes… I want to ask you for something.

Mum can’t it wait till tomorrow??
I’m tired and I need to rest.

No, it can’t.

Okay. What is it??” I asked still laying down.

I need money.

How much??” I asked.

Two thousand cedis.

For what??” I stood up from the bed angrily.

My friend’s daughter is getting married in three weeks’ time and the dress code for us costs 500 cedis. You know I need to buy shoes to match it and sew them too. And you know I’ll still need to hold change that I’ll spray that day”. she smiled

Mum????” I shouted not minding if it was night or not.

Why are you shouting?? She asked

Mum, you need 2k for your friend’s daughter’s wedding. That’s too much na.

how is this too much??
Were you not listening when I was telling you how it all sums up to be 2k?

Mum where do you expect me to get that amount of money from within a short notice??

Ah ah…are you not going to work again??.

Mum” I smiled.
So you’re not even ashamed that I prostitute myself to feed this house???

There is nothing to be ashamed of besides this is better than stealing.

Oh, I see.
Well, mum, I’m sorry I don’t have money and please I want to sleep because I’m tired.” I said and layed back.

Hehehe..you know that’s a joke.
You better go out tomorrow and look for money for me o because I can’t be left out in that wedding.

I didn’t answer her till she finished nagging and left my room.

Which kind of mama be this one na???

God isn’t it enough that I’m a certified prostitute??? Why do you have to make my mum like this????” I cried throughout the night till I was able to sleep.


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