My Friend my friend, how have you been?? Mrs Alberta asked.

My dear, I’m fine oo..how is the preparation for Alice’s wedding?

We’re still on it oo. I even brought your cloth along. Mrs Alberta said

Awwww..thank you, my friend.
Don’t worry you’ll get the money before the weekend.

I trust you.

My daughter Sandra will send the money to your account soon.

Okay, oo…

It’s been a while since I saw her oo. I guess she’s always busy at work. Mrs Alberta asked.

Yes, oo..she usually comes home from work very late.

Awww.. that girl is so hardworking. She never allowed her beauty to deceive her into doing dirty things. I’m so proud of her.

Thank you, my dear.” I smiled.

You’re welcome. My friend, I need to start going now. Mrs Alberta said.

Okay. Let me see you off.
I dropped the cloth inside and see her off to the gate.


These past few days have been bad for me. No reasonable customers at all. I’ve made up my mind that since today is Friday, I’ll be spending the whole weekend at home to relax. I’m really feeling sick and I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I got home by 9 pm.

Immediately after I entered, I saw mum sitting on the couch in the living room.

Good evening mum.


I noticed she was putting on a funny expression when I greeted her but I don’t even care.

I was almost inside when she said;

Sandra have you gotten the money??

Which money” I asked.

Money for my dress for the wedding.

Oh mum I thought I told you that I don’t have money.

You better don’t be unfortunate and give me my money.

Hehehehe…” I laughed.

Aren’t you ashamed of yourself at all???” I said clapping my hands in anger.
You want me to go and prostitutes to bring money so that you can buy a dress for your friend that trained her daughter well abi???

If I can remember correctly Alice is the same age as me. She’s already a graduate and a working-class lady at that. She lost her father at the age of 10. Her mum took the responsibility for her and her siblings and never pushed them into prostitution.

Mum let me ask you something” I said walking back to where she is standing.
What have you done for us ever since we lost dad??
I do the feeding, clothing and every responsibility of my siblings. All you know how to do is to use the money I get from prostituting recklessly. You’re so…..” A hot slap landed on my face.

How dare you call me names. Huh??
So you’ve grown so big now right??

Yes mum I have since you’ve decided to frustrate me. Mum, you disgust me” I yelled in tears.

Oh, I see. Well since we’ve become equal in this house, you’ll have to find somewhere else to stay because this place can’t contain me and you anymore.

Hahahaha are you sure about that???” I asked


Alright then… I’m moving my things out and you’ll never hear from me again.” I said angrily and left the living room.

Come and be going…I never forced you into prostitution, you did willingly. So you want to make me a bad mother now, no way.

She kept nagging while I moved my stuff into my big box.

I arranged my bag and I was set to live.

You’ll regret this mum” I said in tears and walked out.

Everywhere was dark so I had nowhere in particular to go. Even if I want to go to Mary’s place, her parent will definitely ask what happened and I can’t bring myself to tell them about this ugly incident.

Even If I lodge in a hotel, for how long will I stay there?… I don’t even have much with me presently.

I roamed the street for more than an hour before an idea finally hit me…


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