The person that came to mind was one of my customers that was so nice to me back then. He actually said I should reach out to him whenever I needed help.

I took my phone and called him. By this time it was already 11:45 pm.

I dialled his number and it starts to ring. I was praying so hard that he should pick up my call, and suddenly he picked up.

📱 Hello,” he grumbled.

📱 Good evening. Sorry for waking you up, please.

📱Ok..who is this?

📱This is Sandra, the girl you took to Lakewood hotel last month.

📱The light skin lady??

📱Yes sir.

📱Okay, how may I help you??

📱Sir please I’m stranded. I need somewhere to stay.. please help me” I cried.

📱Where are you exactly??

📱I’m standing at the front Shell filling station opposite the West Hills Mall.

📱Okay. Just wait there, I’ll come to get you.

📱Okay. Thank you so much.

📱 Alright. I’ll be there soon.

📱Okay, sir” I ended the call.

15 minutes later, I still haven’t seen him. I was becoming scared because everywhere was quiet. Just a few cars passing by.

I was about to give up on him coming when I finally saw a car approaching me. I was scared thinking it could be one of those robbers. But suddenly the car parked and a familiar face walked out. I felt relieved.

Sorry, I took long. My place is quite far from here.

Okay. Thank you so much.

It’s fine. Let’s go.

He took my bag and kept it in the back seat.

20 minutes later, we got to his place. He has such a beautiful house.

He took me to a room, it was well furnished. A big-sized bed, television and a fridge, of course, it has a bathroom too.

You can stay here. Make yourself comfortable. We’ll talk in the morning.

Okay, sir. Thank you.

You’re welcome.” He said and left.

I was so happy. I just went to bed like that without even bathing because I was very tired.

8:00 am……

I woke up feeling a bit tired. I looked around the house that was when it dawned on me that I’m not in my house. I quickly brushed my teeth and showered. I put on joggers and a polo top.

I went outside to greet him, I still don’t know his name.

I went to the sitting room but he wasn’t there. I checked the kitchen too but he wasn’t there, I was contemplating on going to the room I saw him enter yesterday when I heard him talking over the phone outside.

I quickly rushed outside. By the time I got there, he was done making his call.

Good morning sir.

Morning Sandra. How was your night?

Fine sir.. thank you so much for yesterday. God bless you.

It’s fine Sandra” he smiled.
Come with me” he said and I followed him obediently.

We went back inside the living room and we both sat down.

So tell me, what happened last night??” He asked.

I was kicked out by my landlord because I couldn’t pay my rent.

Oh, I see.
You stay alone??

No with my siblings. but They’re in school presently.

Okay. So, Where will they be staying when they leave school?

Well, they might move to my aunt’s place while I look for somewhere to stay and continue my Hussle.” I lied.

What about your parents??

They’re are late.” I said.

Oh sorry about that.

Thank you.” I replied.

Okay. Do you want to pay your landlord or do you want to relocate??

Any of the two.

Okay. How much is your rent???

In my head ba, I was already calculating the money to rent a house and probably buy a bed.

My rent is 370 cedis, but my landlord said he don’t want me at all in the house again. So I’m just going to look for another accommodation.

Okay. Anyways, you can stay here pending when you can sort yourself out since I stay alone.

Okay. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. But if you’ll be staying here, you’ll have to live on my terms.

Sir, I’ll do anything you want me to do, as long as I have a place to stay and I can take care of my siblings.

Good. Then we’re on the same page.

Yes sir.

Alright then. If you’re hungry you can go to the kitchen and help yourself.

Okay, sir.

My name is Andrew.

Ok, sir.

Yeah” he said and left the living room.

I was happy but worried about something he said, living by his terms. All I know is, whatever it is, I’ll be ready to do it as long as I’m far from my mum and I’m able to take care of my siblings.

I took tea and bread, and afterwards, I called my siblings to tell them the new development. They were worried but I promised them that I’ll be fine and I’ll still be there for them.



I was out with my friends in the evening…

Guy, you mean to say that fresh babe wey I see for your house na ashawo??” My friend Prince asked.

Guy ah tell you.

That girl set die. Look at those hips and beauty. Guy, that girl is too fresh for that kind of life na.” Desmond said.

Yeah. But anyways as the thing be now, that fresh body wey you dey see so, e go soon turn my balance diet.” I chuckle.

My guy my guy, what are you planning??” Prince asked.

No worry now. You go soon hear.

Guy, if you want to help this girl, help her. Don’t come and start taking advantage of her situation” Desmond said.

See this one hahahaha” Prince and I laughed shaking hands.

Guy, as long as she’s in my house she don turn my property be that o.. I go do wetin I like with am. Besides no be ashawo she be??

Na so she bi o” Prince said laughing.

Anyways that’s your problem” Desmond said

Yes, oo.

We gisted about football and went to a club afterwards besides it was on a Saturday.

Andrew POV

My name is Andrew Lawson. A 28years old young CEO. I love clubbing alot and of course, I love women too. My two friends are the only family I have aside my mum.

I lost my dad in a ghastly motor accident when I was 4. My mum did everything possible for me to be where I am today even when no family members were willing to help us. That woman is my demigod.
She’s currently in Uganda. She has a company there. She has refused to remarry ever since then.

Mrs Maria

I’ve managed to pay for the dress and the sewing but how long will I be able to take care of myself without Sandra now.

I’ve been trying to call her for days now but it is not connecting. Even Matilda and Kelvin are not picking up my calls too.

The money I have with me now is only 1000 cedis, I don’t know what I can use it to do in order for me to have more money.

Eeeiii, why will Sandra do this to me?


I came back home around 8pm on Wednesday. Ever since I’ve been here I don’t sleep out. I do come home on time after my packages so that this guy I’m staying with won’t complain.

He does come back late from work too. He usually come home by 10pm. So I’m always home before him and also make dinner sometimes.

But, this faithful day, I came back home and I met him in the living room watching TV.

Andrew is a very cute guy. He’s fvcking hot and $exy.

Good evening” I greeted

Evening Sandra.

How was work today?” I asked.

Fine. Thank you

Okay.” I was about leaving him to my room when he called me back.



Meet me in my room now.” He said still watching the TV.

Okay..” I answered kinda surprised.

I went inside my room, dropped my bag and quickly freshen up and changed into something more comfortable.

I went inside his room and I met him only in boxers.

I’m here. I said.

Sit” he said staring at me.

I did as he said.

He moved closer to me and raised my chin up.
Sandra, you know you promised to do anything I say as long as you’re still in this house???


Good. Now strip.


I said strip naked.


No, but Sandra. Remember where we met right??? So why are you now acting all holy? So Strip and get to work my dear.

I just looked at him and I couldn’t alter a word and I began to strip off my clothes.


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