I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 6)




I stripped off my clothes standing naked in front of him. I wasn’t really ashamed or anything and it is not like I wasn’t expecting this anyways.

Now, come closer baby” he said seductively…

I moved closer to him, and he pushed me to the bed. He used his legs to path mine and positioned himself in-between me.

He took my boobs into his mouth and kept sucking like he wants to rip off my nipple.

My moans was sounding like a weep…that’s because I was actually weeping. He was rough handling my boobs and I couldn’t say anything.

He took his hands down to my honey pot and he began to finger me gently, I was moaning softly because I was really enjoying myself this time. He positioned his mouth down there and begin to eat me up.

Uhmmm…uhmmmmm” I moaned out loudly immediately after his tongue hit my clit.

He continued till I had my first orgasm.

He stopped with his mouth and continued with his fingers. He inserted two of his fingers at first I moaned loudly and then three, and I yelled in pain. He continued not even minding how I feel.

Suddenly he stopped and moved from the bed.

He went to his drawer and brought out handcuffs.

Without asking me questions, he handcuffed both hands and flipped me. My back now facing him. He thrusts forcefully inside of me without any protection.

He starts to pound me roughly. I was in serious pain but I couldn’t do anything. He continued to thrust in and out of me forcefully until he cum inside of me for the first time. He flipped me again and continued again. He did that for 5 rounds. He continued the sixth one.

He kept thrusting inside of me, I was weeping, feeling so weak and sore. He continued till I hear him moaning out loudly…

Ohhhh….awwwww holy shit …..

He cum for the 6th time on me. Before he finally let go of me.

I couldn’t even move my legs because I was very weak and sore. He removed the handcuff from me.

You’re so sweet Sandra.

I just looked at him without altering a word.

Here” He stretched forth a bundle of money to me.

Why are you paying me??” I managed to ask with tears in my eyes.

Lol. Sandra listens to me.
From now henceforth, you’re my personal $ex toy and stripper. I get to have you anytime, anyhow and anyway I want as long as you’re still under my roof. And as for payment, I’ll surely pay you each time I have you.” He said.

I couldn’t hold back the tears in my eyes.

Take the money because I know you’ll need it” he smiled.

I cleaned my face, put on my clothes, took the money and left his room.

I got to my room. I wept silently. I cleaned my eyes after a while and went to have another warm shower. I felt better after taking a shower. I quickly took my pills too.

I took the money he gave me and I counted it, it was 1,500 cedis.
At least I have something to send to my siblings this week. The package I went running today didn’t pay much.

I’ve decided to accept my fate, as long as I’m paying my bills. Here I get to eat free food and have a comfortable place to sleep at that.


I was woken up by my phone ringing repeatedly.

I picked without even checking the caller.

📱Hellooo” I grumbled.

📱Drew don’t tell me you’re still sleeping?” I heard a familiar voice.


📱Yeah, and why are you still in bed Mr Andrew Lawson, CEO of DL company??” Mum asked sounding so serious and sarcastic at the same time.

📱Mum, I’m tired besides is still early.” I said still with my eyes closed.

📱Hello young man it’s 10 am here and from what I know it’s 8 am in Ghana now. Do you still call that early??

📱Huh,” my sleep cleared from my eyes.
I stood up immediately to check my time.
Shit, it’s 15 minutes past 8 I stated.

📱 That’s right. I’m sure you were busy screwing some chick last night that made you sleep like a slice of dead meat.

📱You know what mum?? You’re simply amazing with guesses. How did you know that??” I smiled.

📱Idiot gets your a$s out of that bed and go freshen up because I’m sure you have things to do at the office.

📱 Exactly mum, I’m supposed to attend a meeting by 8:30 am but I guess they will have to wait as usual” I grinned.

*📱Gosh, get out of my phone” mum said. I’m trying to picture her face right now” disgusting.
📱I love you more” I said with a smile.

📱I love you son. Take good care of yourself.

📱I will mum..you too.” I hunged up.

Oh, my sweet mum. Mrs Mabel Lawson is 53years old but she looks so sweet and young that when you see the two of us walking together, you’ll think she’s my elder sister.
So loving and very soft but she gets mad each time she sees me living recklessly. I’m happy she’s spending more of her time in Uganda. It gives me the freedom to live my life the way I want.

You need to meet My mum, she’s simply the best. No dull moments with that woman at all..well enough of my mum.

I quickly freshen up and get dressed.

I left the house at exactly 8:45 am.

I know I should be at the office by 9.

I drove out without even checking on Sandra. Anyways is not as if I’ve been doing that.


6 weeks later

My brother and I came home from school but we were not happy at all.

The house is no fun without sister Sandra. She was automatically the mother we had. She takes care of us and never lets us lack anything down to any kind of food we want to eat.

Mum on the other hand was looking moody and very temperamental at every slight thing we do.

There were no foodstuffs at home when we got back so I called sister Sandra and explained the situation at home to her. She sent us 500 cedis to get foodstuffs. She also said she’s sending the money because of us and not mum.

I thanked her and quickly rush to the market to get foodstuffs without telling mum about it.

When mum got back, she met me cooking in the kitchen.

Matilda, di3ben na wofri s3 wo y3 nu? (what are you doing?)” Mum asked in twi.

Mum, I’m cooking obviously.” I said Abit angry.

Ehn Ehn, where did you get money from to buy all these things??” She asked checking the cabinets

Sister Sandra sent me money.

eei awurade yesu… Please give me her new number.

No, I’m not giving. Sheybi you sent her out of the house.
Are you happy now? If not that we came home, hunger would have killed you in this house.

Shut up, my friend. See, better watch your mouth, you this girl.

Mum stop threatening us and accept your wrongdoings. Just maybe if you do, Sister Sandra will forgive you and come back home” Kelvin said walking inside the kitchen.

Mtcheeww…ehn you, where is the remaining change from the market you went to?” She asked.

Which change?? Mum, there is no change o… I even managed myself back home.

Mtcheew” She hissed and left the kitchen.


Andrew has been using me to satisfy his urge for weeks now. The only good thing about it is that after every $ex I stand to gain 1,000 cedis or 1,500 cedis. In fact, just within a week, I gained 9k.

I even don dey reduce my Waka sef. Sometimes I’ll just run two packages in a day and come back home. I’ve been saving up some money and it’s amounting to something reasonable already.

Andrew has migrated from handcuffs to stroking me before having $ex with me and also doing all manner of animalistic positions. I have a series of marks on my fragile skin already but I still can’t complain. As the saying goes ” the person wey dey find pickin no dey fear the cry wey go dey labour room”.

I’ll move out of his house once I’ve raised up to the amount I want but for now, I’ve sold my soul to him. Let him use me anyhow he likes as long as my siblings are doing fine and I still get a roof over my head.

My siblings have been begging me to send mum some little money that things are not easy with her just that she has refused to admit.

But as far as I’m concerned, that woman isn’t getting a dime from me anytime soon. What kind of a mother encourages her child into prostitution. How am I even sure she’s my biological mother. So let her suffer since she has refused to appreciate my effort.


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