I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 7)




ONE MONTH LATER                                       

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. I finally had time to rest. I travelled on a business trip for a week and I never really had time for myself. I came in late last night.

Sandra and I just exchanged greetings and she went back inside her room while I went to freshen up.

I was playing games when I suddenly checked my time. It’s past 10 am and I haven’t seen this girl outside since.

Could it be she’s still sleeping or she has just refused to come outside?

Anyways that’s none of my business. I continued playing my game until my phone starts to ring. It was my mum calling. It’s been a week since we spoke.

📱Hello sweet sixteen” I teased

📱She smiled. How are you darling??”

📱I’m fine. Just got back from a business trip yesterday and I’m home now relaxing.

📱That’s great.

📱Yeah so how about you mum?? How have you been??

📱 I’m doing great. As a matter of fact, I’m at the airport right now. So come pick me up.

📱What??” I checked my phone and I realised it was actually true because her exit code has changed.

📱Yes, hurry up I’m waiting.

📱 But mum you never told me you were coming now??” I frowned.

📱Andrew are you coming to get me or I should take an Uber??” She sounded serious this time.

📱Ok…I’m on my way.

📱Good..I’ll be waiting.

I ended the call.

Gosh, my mum can be so annoying. She didn’t even bother telling me that she was coming back to Ghana. This woman won come spoil parols for person. Which kind wahala be this one now??

My mum is a very loving person but she can be her opposite when angered.

I grabbed my car keys and drove out of the house.

20 minutes later, I got to the airport.

Immediately I saw my mum all my anger vanished. She was looking so beautiful and young as always. That was when it actually dawned on me that I’ve missed her so much…she has been away for like 7months straight.

I went to hug her.

Welcome home mum” I hugged her.

Thank you my prince charming. You look great” she said touching my cheeks.

You too mum. I’ve missed you.

Me too son.

I dropped her luggage at the boot and we head home. We were busy gisting all through the drive.

In no time, we were home.

Ah, I miss home” mum said sitting on the couch while I took her bags inside her room.

Yeah I know right” I smiled when I returned to the living room.
So how long will you be staying for??” I asked.

My dear, I’m here to relax for now. Debby and Merindel will take care of things for me till I get back. I’ll also be attending to anything that needs my attention via FaceTime. I need to rest my old bones.

Forever Young like you” We both laughed.

Suddenly Sandra walked out of her room.

Mrs Mabel

I was still having a little chat with my son when a pretty curvy young lady walks into the living room.

Good morning ma” she greeted.

Morning my dear..how are you??

I’m fine ma. How was your trip??” She asked.

Fine, thank you.

Son you never told me you had a guest??” I asked Andrew who was focusing on his phone as if he wasn’t listening to me.

You just got here now.” He said.

Okay. Young lady what’s your name??


Waoooow, such a lovely name.

Thank you ma.

You’re welcome. Are you Andrew’s girlfriend??” I asked.


Mum, she’s just a friend. She was transferred here from Lagos. She’s staying here because she hasn’t gotten her apartment yet.

Oh, that’s lovely.

Which company is that??” I asked.

Mum is actually a private firm.

Oh, I see. Anyways My dear feel free. This house is big enough to accommodate us all.

Thank you ma” she smiled.
Please excuse me ma.

No problem my dear” I said and she went back inside after getting something from the kitchen.

Andrew, she’s so beautiful.” I said cheerfully.

Oh really?” he answered sarcastically.

I’m sure you need glasses stupid.
You better get yourself a responsible girl and settle down already. All you do is club and live recklessly after work. I’ve never seen you in any serious relationship.

That’s because I don’t have any mum” he said rolling his eyes.

Then look for a responsible girl and start one or do you want to be thirty before you start looking for one?

Exactly mum” he said happily.

Mtcheeeww.” I hissed and stood up to go to my room not without him following me.

Mum what did you get for me???” He kept blabbering behind me.


2 weeks later…

I’ve been looking out for accommodation all this while but all the ones I keep getting are too high for me. If I use all my money in renting a house, how will I cope with other things that need to be done?

I’ve been going out every morning and coming back in the evening even when I don’t have a package to run just so Andrew’s mum won’t be suspicious. Andrew doesn’t also bother me again.

She’s actually a lovely person. So beautiful and young. Now I see where Andrew got his cuteness from. She looks like someone in her late thirties but I’m sure she’s actually older. She’s a very problem-free person. Before I come back home sometimes, she has already cooked and she must make sure I eat.

She told me yesterday night that I will be going to the saloon with her today. I’m scared of what might happen.

I was still passing up and down in my room after putting on a jean and a polo top when Andrew barged into my room.

Hi,” I said.

Hi…uhmmmm, my mum said she’ll be going out with you.

Yes,” I said in form of a whisper.

Now listen, You need to be very careful and smart with your choice of words when she asks any questions. Because I know my mum, she has a reason for saying you should go with her.

But, I can’t keep lying to her.

So what do you want to do??” Huh??
Do you want to tell her you’re a cheap prostitutes that sell her body for money??? Or you want to tell her that you’re actually my $ex toy?” he asked angrily. You should be grateful I saved your stupid a$s the other day.

Look I know you saved my a$s but then you don’t have to insult me or call me names.” I stated bluntly.

Oh, am I missing something here???” He raised his eyebrows.
Are you not actually a $ex worker???

I just looked up at him and didn’t say anything.

Okay. What do I do now??” I asked calmly.

Good. All you need to do is think before you talk. My mum is smarter than the FBI.


Good.” He said and left my room.

Immediately after he left, I felt hurt tears gathering in my eyes. Andrew is right. I’m actually a $ex worker. A fvcking dirty prostitute.” I wept silently.
A lowlife prostitute that has no better future.

I was still in tears when I heard Mrs Mabel call me. I quickly clean my face and apply a little powder before going outside to meet her.

You look good in that jeans” she complimented…

Thank you ma” I blushed.

Alright. Let’s go.

We head out of the house. I drove because I actually know how to drive. I learnt how to drive when Dad was alive at a very young age. I was feeling nervous when driving because I was contemplating on whether, to tell the truth, if she ask any questions.

She noticed and she asked;

Are you okay Sandra?” She asked with concern

Yes, ma” I smiled.

We spent the rest of the time gisting on our way to the salon when suddenly she asked a question.


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