I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 8)




I sent 1k cedis to my mum’s account after Matilda called me that she was sick. If not because of God I wouldn’t have sent this money because I don’t care if she dies or not. Is not as if she has been playing any significant role in my life.

I was in a garden relaxing since I don’t have anything to do. This has been my daily routine ever since Andrew’s mum came back.

I was reading a novel when my phone rang. It was from MAMA. She said there is a package for me and it will pay well.

I was so happy, I quickly grab my bag and headed to the hotel after sending me the address.

I took a cab to the hotel. I went straight to the room since I already have the room number.

When I got there, I met an elderly man who is old enough to be my grandfather.

I mean I wasn’t surprised tho because I’ve come across many of them like this and the sweetest part of it is that they won’t stress you because within 2minutes they’re done.

Good afternoon sir.

Afternoon young lady. How are you???

I’m fine.

Good. You’re Sandra right??

Yes sir.

That’s good. Your boss has told me a lot about you so I want you to take care of me like you know how to do best. Don’t worry about the money. Money is never an issue.

Okay, sir.



On phone…

📱How is workman??” I asked Desmond.

📱 We’re pushing it. I’ll be travelling tomorrow.

📱Yeah. You told me

📱So, how is it going with you and Sandra?

📱Well, I haven’t spoken to her about it yet. I’m hoping tomorrow or over the weekend.

📱Why are you delaying this??? Or are you scared of her all of a sudden??

📱You’re very stupid.

📱Haaaahhhaaaa I was just wondering” he laughed

📱I still don’t know how to put it to her and besides that, I have a feeling she will reject the offer.

📱How?? Is she that stupid??

📱I don’t know yet.

📱Just talk to her first but if she refuses then she’s actually very stupid.

📱Yeah. At least with that, she can save herself some shame.

📱Yes, that’s true. So, how far na who is the latest chick that you’ve been screwing lately??

📱Lols, the funniest thing is that I haven’t in a week now. I’ve been busy with this project and I haven’t gotten time for myself. But this weekend won’t pass me by” I laughed.

📱Andy my man, one thing must surely kill you.

📱That’s not an issue.” We both laughed.

📱But seriously, have you ever thought of trying out a serious relationship?? I mean since after Kate.

📱Can we not talk about that, please.

📱Okay I’m sorry

📱Good. Look, I’ll talk to you later

📱Ok, bro. Take care.

📱Yeah, you too.

I ended the call…

If I’m actually going to talk to her it wouldn’t be at home.


I left the hotel by 4 pm that’s after I made the transfer to mama. I took a cab and went home straight. The old man actually paid well. For a month now this is the only good pay I’ve had. He gave me 5k (5000 cedis)

On reaching the house, I was perceiving a sweet aroma coming from the kitchen.

I knew already that it was Andrew’s mum in the kitchen. She’s a very good cook.
I quickly went inside to drop my bag before going to the kitchen.

Good evening ma

Evening darling. How was work today??

Fine ma.

You’re early today.” She said

Yes, ma. Not much work to do.

Okay, that’s fine.

Uhmmm, the aroma is so satisfying” I said.

I’m making this rice specially for you two” she smiled.

Awwww…thank you ma.

You’re welcome, my dear.

But how come you still cook this well and it seems you love cooking a lot” I said calmly.

She smiled…
You know, ever since my husband died, taking care of Andrew all by myself wasn’t an easy one. I had to do several jobs just to see him through school and put food on our table. I was once a house help to a big man then. So my love for cooking grew more back then.

Growing up was so hard for Andrew that he didn’t know how to make friends. He was always keeping to himself especially when his father died. Despite he was so young, he was so used to his dad.

Life was hard generally for us but we thank God we’re here today. Andrew has been a very good son. In fact he never for one day made me regret all the effort I put up in his life.

And if there is anything I am always proud of, is that I never lived a wayward life just to put food on my table. I did all kinds of manly jobs before God answered my prayers.

So, my dear, God can change anyone’s life at any time as long as you’re trying your best and you try to live right.

The reason why I liked you more is that despite you’re young and beautiful you took it upon yourself to have something reasonable to do to be able to take care of yourself and your siblings. You could have been prostituting around and rendering your life useless but you didn’t. I’m proud of you darling and I’m sure your parents are.

I was just busy listening to her that I didn’t know when tears dropped from my eyes.

C’mon baby, don’t cry. You’re a strong lady.” She hugged me.

Thank you so much ma.

You’re welcome, my dear.

I cleaned my face and I helped her in cleaning up the kitchen when she was done cooking.

I went back to my room after dinner, thinking about my life. This woman doesn’t even have an idea of who I am. I know when she finds out, she’ll hate me with passion. I was still crying when. I heard a knock on my door.

Yes, I quickly cleaned my face.

Come in.

Andrew walked in.

Hi,” I said.


Are you okay??” He asked calmly.

Yes sure. I’m good.

Okay. I would like us to meet somewhere tomorrow and talk about something important. I don’t know if you can make time for that.

Sure no problem. Just let me know the place and the time.

Okay. Since tomorrow is Friday we could meet around 4 pm when I close from work.


Alright, I’ll text you the address later.


Alright, goodnight.


He left my room.

Actually, since I’ve known him this is actually the first time he’s speaking with me like a human being.

Only God knows what he wants to say this time.

I shower and went to bed.


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