I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 9)




The following day which Friday, I left the house in the morning as usual and went to Mar’s place. It’s been a while since I last saw her it has just been phone calls.

When I got there her parent had gone to work.

Babes I’ve missed you so much. I would have come to check on you where ever you were but you insisted.” Mary said making her baby face.

I missed you too darling but you know I already explained things to you. I’m just trying to lay low where I am currently.

Yeah. I get it.
But how are you, how have you been coping???” She asked.

Well, look at me now, I’m just still that girl you know, trying to survive.” I said with a smile.

Hmmmm. Sandy, lets be serious here.
Can’t you get something else doing aside from this thing you do?? C’mon it’s disturbing me already.

Babes things ain’t as easy as you think. Somethings need to be put in place.

Like what Sandra???” She yelled.

I need something that will fetch me more money because this isn’t about me alone but my siblings and of cos my mom.

But you can always start from somewhere right???” She said looking at me.

I was just staring at her without saying7 anything.

Look besty, I’m not trying to judge you here and you know that. I know what you’ve been through and I know what you’re still passing through at the moment but babes c’mon you’ll be 25 next month. When do you plan on stopping?? Probably when you’ve slept with your future husband as a client????”* She asked.

Babes I know all this but…

No, but Sandy, start something new, it will eventually grow big if no job is forthcoming.

Okay. I’ve heard you.” I said.

You’ve been saying that for the past 4years.” She reminded me.

Okay, Mary just stop. I said I’ve heard you for real.

Hmmmmm…okay o.

That’s not even the issue right now.” I said sipping my juice.

What’s happening??

It’s Andrew’s mum.

Ehn, what about her???

I told you about Andrew giving me money to rent a place right???


So, I’ve paid for the place, just for me to inform this woman that I’ll be moving out since I’ve gotten a place but guess what????


She bluntantly refused even when his son did too, she refused.


She said the house is big enough to accommodate us and I shouldn’t waste my money on renting a place.

Hmmmm…that’s cool.

What’s cool about it when you know the history between his son and me, besides you know the kind of life I’m living, not to talk of the lies I’ve been putting up.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been saying, stop this your way of life and get something decent doing.

Okay. I’ve heard you.

We gisted and talked about random things afterwards.
When it was 3:30 pm I left Mary’s place to the place where Andrew and I will be meeting.

I couldn’t get a cab immediately so I was 15minutes late.


I left the office before 4 pm because I wanted to keep to time. I know my office to the place Sandra and I are to meet is about a 15-minute drive.

I got there at exactly 4 pm.
But I couldn’t find her anywhere around. It’s like a lounge.
I called her line but it wasn’t connecting. So I decided to wait for her probably she went out and she was stuck in traffic.

5minutes became 10minutes. I decided to wait for another 5 minutes which is very unusual of me. I don’t really keep to time and I don’t like waiting either.

I waited another 5minutes making it 15minutes past 4 pm. Her number wasn’t still connecting so I decided to go home. I was on my way out of the lounge when I saw her rushing in.

I waited for her to come close.

Hey, I’m so sorry I couldn’t get a cab on time from my friend’s place down here.

It’s fine” I said calmly because I was seeing how stressed she was looking.

Let’s go in” I said leading her inside.

We went to the VIP section and sit.

What do you want to take???” I asked her.

No. I’m fine.

Are you sure???

Yes. Thank you.

Okay. Hhhhmmm” I cleared my throat.
Sandra the reason I wanted us to meet here is that             I have something important to discuss with you and I wouldn’t want us to talk about it at home since mum is around.


Yeah. So, it’s about you.

Okay. What have I done??” She asked looking worried.

Just listen to me, okay?


What’s your level of education???” I asked


I mean your tertiary institution.

I have a National Diploma in marketing.

Okay. And have you worked somewhere before like an experience???”I asked.

Yeah. I did my internship in a marketing company.

Okay. That’s fine.
And will you love to work again???

Yes of cos.

Sandra I mean work for real and stop prostitution” I said plainly.


Even if the pay is not that much??” I asked raising my eyebrows??

Hmmmmm…yeah” she said after a long silence.

I’m asking all these questions because I want to help and I’m also not doing this just for your sake, I’m doing this for my mum. I don’t want her to find out that this is what you do with your body after the so much love she has for you. It will break her heart. My mum loves with her all and I wouldn’t want her to be mad for any reason.

Okay. I appreciate.

Don’t appreciate me yet because you might not like the offer. The thing is, I spoke with a friend who just opens a store and she’s looking for someone that will manage it for her since she’s working and she said she’ll be paying 2k (2000 cedis) every month for a start since she’s just starting the business. But she’ll be giving you TnT every day.
So what do you say??

Hmmmmmm..” she sighed not looking happy about it.

Look Sandra I’m only trying to help but if you’re not cool with it just let me know. I’m not forcing you to.

No is not that. But is it for the whole week???” she asked.

She wants you off to be for just Sundays but I pleaded with her to make it Saturday and Sunday. And you resume work by 8am and close by 6pm.

Waooow…that’s practically all my day??” She asked

Like I’ve said I’m not forcing you to take the offer. But isn’t it better than prostituting or do you just love receiving different D!cks for money????” I asked frowning.

Okay. I’ll think about it and get back to you over the weekend.

Alright. That’s cool with me anyways.” I said raising my hands up.

Alright. Thank you.

You’re welcome.
Are you heading home or do you still have somewhere to go?” I asked her.


Okay. Let’s go then.


We rode in my car home together. Throughout our ride, all that keeps coming to my mind is, why will she even want to think about it first?
Is it that she loves sleeping with various men or what???

The journey home was in silence till we got home.

Mrs Mabel

I was standing outside in the evening when Andrew drove in and it seems he came home with Sandra.

I waited patiently for them to come down.

Hey sweet sixteen” Andrew said coming closer.

Hey, son” I hugged him and he kissed me on the cheek.

Good evening ma” Sandra greeted.

Evening my darling. How are you??

I’m fine ma.

And how was work today???

Fine ma.

Andrew how was your day???”

Fine mum. And yours??

This one you both came home together” I smiled

Oh yeah. I went to pick up something close to her office after I closed, so I decided to give her a call to know if she was done for the day and she said yes. So yeah, that’s why we came together.

Oh, so sweet of you my boy.” I said touching his cheeks.
You should do that most times, it shouldn’t only be when you go and pick something close to her office, at least it will save her some money and stress.

Mummmmmm??????” He yelled..

Okay. Fine.
Sandra since you can drive, why not go with the other car to work since he hardly uses that.

No ma. I’m fine.

What do you mean by you’re fine? I’m sure Drew won’t complain or will you??

Mum, please leave me alone. I’m tired” he said and entered inside the house.

Mtcheeww don’t mind him, my child, come let’s go inside. ” I said holding her hands.


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