I Sold My Soul – Final (CHAPTER 25)




Good morning beautiful” I kissed her forehead.

Good morning ” she grumbled

How was your night??” I asked.

Fine. Yours??”

Beautiful because my beautiful woman was sleeping next to me” I said

She smiled.

Yeah…So go freshen up while I make breakfast for you” I said.

Okay. She said dragging her duvet off her body.

Babe mum called this morning, she said she’ll be home in a few days’ time.

Yeah, she already told me she smiled.

Really when???” I asked surprised.

None of your business” she smiled

So mum now talks to you more than me right???” I asked feeling jealous

Yeah, baby” she teased.

Okay now.
Ehn, babe come here, sit, there is something I want to discuss with you.” I said before she enters into the bathroom.

What is it??’ she asked sitting.

Babe I know it’s too early for this but you really need to listen to me.” I said holding her hands.

Okay. I’m all ears.

It’s about your mum.

What about her??

Babe I think is high time you let go of everything. You can never change the fact that she’s still your mum.

I’ve forgiven her now.

You haven’t, If you have, you wouldn’t continue to refuse to visit her. I know you’re sending her money every month but you both need to sit and talk like mother and daughter. Please.

Hmmmmmm” she sighed

She never treated me like her daughter so obviously, we have nothing to talk about.

Babe listen to me, I know she has done a lot to hurt you but you have to forgive her. She’s still your mum. Look at us now, if all this wouldn’t have happened, we might have not met. So please for my sake please visit her. I want to meet her myself.

You want to meet her??” She asked.

Yes, I want to meet her. For giving birth to the lady after my heart.

She smiled.


Okay fine. I’ll go and see her.

That’s good. When???

This weekend.

Okay. I’ll love to go with you.

Okay. No problem.

Thanks, babe… I love you” I kissed her hands.

I love you too” she smiled.

Oya go freshen up and let me make us breakfast.

Okay, darling” she said and entered inside the bathroom.



Believe me when I say I had a rebirth. I haven’t been at peace with myself like this before. Everything seems right now. Andrew takes good care of me and his mum increased her love for me ever since she found out that the two of us are dating.

She was so happy that she had to face Time me and shower praises on me. I never believed people like Andrew’s mum still exist. She’s the most understanding person I’ve ever come across.

I stopped going to the store since last month. Andrew insists I shouldn’t work there again. He promised to get my own business started for me before the end of this month.

I don’t lack anything. He takes care of all my bills. But he’s bent on going to see my mum with me and I’ll have to forgive my mum too.

The truth is that I’ve forgiven her o but all that I went through in her hands is just hard to forget.

Andrew’s mum is around and she has been on my neck too to go see my mum. I’ve finally agreed to go with Andrew today which is Saturday.

I’ve missed my siblings though and I can’t wait to see them.

…2hours later…

We arrived at our house. Immediately, my sister, Matilda saw me, she ran to hug me so tight.

Sis, I’ve missed you so much” she said.

I’ve missed you too.
Suddenly Kelvin too came to greet me.

Good morning sir” the both of them greeted Andrew.

Good morning” he smiled.

Let’s go inside” I said.

Sis, you’re looking so chubby and more fairer” Matilda whispered in my ears and I just smiled.

We entered inside the room and met mum watching a movie in the living room.

Ehn my child” she immediately stood to come and hug me.

Good morning mum” I greeted her

Morning my child. How are you? ” She asked.

I’m fine ma” I said.

Good morning ma” Andrew greeted her.

Morning my son. How are you??

I’m fine ma.

Please have a sit” mum said

We all sat down

Sandra my child, I’m sorry for all I’ve done to you in the past. I really do regret all my actions. I was just been selfish and a careless mother. Please forgive me” she said sadly.

It’s fine mum. I’ve forgiven you.
I mean everything later turns out to be In my favor.

Thank you so much, my child.” She said.

Mum meet Andrew. The man who changed my life.

Thank you so much, my son. May God bless you” she said.

Ameen ma. I’m glad to have finally met the woman who gave birth to this adorable young lady.” He smiled.
Mum smiled.
How is your family??” She asked.

We’re fine thank you.

Okay, my son.

Suddenly Andrew’s phone rang…

Excuse me please” he said and went outside.

Immediately he stepped out Matilda came to sit with me.

Sis who is he??” She asked

That’s my fiancee.

Omg… he’s so cute” she said.

Yeah, he is” I smiled.

My daughter, you look so beautiful” mum said.

Thank you” I replied calmly.

Please find a place in your heart to forgive me.” She said kneeling down.

No mum get up” I moved closer to her.
It’s fine now mum. The most important thing is that I’m happy now. Andrew is an angel living in the midst of humans. He changed my life for good mum.

That’s good to hear. Please don’t delay your marriage with him o” she said with a smile.

We’ll at the right time” I smiled.

Ok, my child.

He came back inside and we all talked and gist before we left.

Andrew gave my mum 5k, Matilda and Kelvin 1k each. I wasn’t expecting him to do that.

When we got back to the car, I thanked him.

Thank you so much” I said.

You have a lovely family you know. You look just like your mum” he smiled.

Thank you” I smiled

You’re welcome, love.

I’ll just drop you off at home because I need to be with the boys.

Okay. No problem.

He dropped me off at his place because I’ve been spending most of my weekends with him especially now that his mum is around.


My guy, I’m so happy for you. I’m happy you finally found love.

Yes o, my brother. I did in a place I never thought I would.

That’s life though. Sometimes the most treasurable thing is found in a place you never expect.” Desmond said

Yeah. That’s true.

So have you heard from Kate ?” Prince asked

Nah. The stupid girl finally gave herself a brain. Ever since I talked to her, she has never called or even texted.

Great. I told you threat will scare her off” Prince said.


Guys I need to ball out anytime soon, my babe is at home” Desmond said.

Ah ah, lover boy” Prince teased.

Yes o.
Anyways my regards to Cynthia” Desmond said.

Cynthia is around?” I asked.

Yeah, she came in last night.” Prince said.

No wonder you dey smile like an idiot since” I teased him.

I’ve missed my babe na. For good 6months she traveled out.

Yeah, I understand. She’s done with her program now right??” I asked.


Okay. That’s lovely.

Alright guys I have to go” Desmond said.

Ok.. my regards to Clair” I said.

Alright, she’ll hear.

After Desmond left…….

So bro what’s the next plan now???” Prince asked

Well is still like I told you earlier.

Okay. That’s cool then.


We stayed for a while and gist before we all went home.


After church service, Sandra and I went out for dinner.

She has refused to go saying we should just stay at home but I declined.

We went to BUNS AND BATTER. It is one of the best and most expensive restaurants in Accra.

The place was empty when we got there.

We ordered for what we wanted and we started eating.

Why is this place empty??” She asked.

I don’t know.

We continued eating then suddenly I stopped eating.

Baby”I called.

Yes, love.

You know I love you so much right???

Yes, I know” she smiled.

And I’ll do anything to put a smile on your face right??.

Yes, I know.

I stood up and knelt beside her.
She was just staring at me looking amazed.

Will you make me the happiest and luckiest man on Earth by being my wife??” I asked holding a ring

Omg” she said

Will you marry me my treasure??” I asked.

She smiled.
Yes, I’ll marry you” tears of joy dropped from her eyes.

I slide the ring into her finger and kissed her hand.

Thank you” I said

She stood up and hugged me.
I love you Andrew” she said.

I love you more” I kissed her passionately.

Suddenly people started clapping behind us.

You planned all this??” She asked

Yes, baby” I smiled.

Thank you she smiled.

Congratulations my darling” my mum said coming close.

Thank you mum” she hugged mum so tight.

Her mum and siblings also hugged her and everyone was so happy.

Of course, Prince, Desmond, their babes, my secretary, and my former PA were present too. We all had dinner before going home.

I think today is actually the happiest day of my life. The day I proposed to the woman I love.


Sometimes life needs to hit us so hard before we learn. Sometimes the hard times in our life only prepare us for greatness.


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