Introduction To The Story

Sandra is a beautiful, curvy, tall and light skin 24years old girl who had her ND in marketing she’s also the first child of 3 siblings.

She faced life challenges at a very tender age but she has promised herself to make lemonade from her lemon.

She lost her father at the age of 18 when she was about to go to university. She forgot about the plan of attaining a BSC and went for her National Diploma instead since it will save her and her family from spending too much.

She went through hell to finish her ND but she eventually did with a distinction. She graduated when she was twenty then her two siblings were already done with their SSCE.

She started hustling to make ends meet for her family since there was no money and no family members who were willing to help. At first, she did her one-year IT at a marketing company, hoping they will at least retain her when she was done but they didn’t.

During her internship, she raised money for her siblings to obtain their jamb form. They did, wrote the exams and came out with flying colours.

Her mum Mrs Maria Johnson wasn’t helping the situation at all. She was constantly reminding Sandra that their hopes are on her.

Matilda and Kelvin got admission into the university of Jos. They’re both twins but they don’t look identical at all. They’re 3years younger than Sandra.

To cut the story short, Sandra was forced into prostituting since that was the only business that could bring food to their table and also see his siblings through school.

Read Chapter 1 To Know What Happened Next.


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