I Sold My Soul – Semi-Final (CHAPTER 24)



Please say something” I said.

I don’t know what to say” she said.

I held on to her hand more tighter.
Don’t you have any feelings for me??” I asked.

She looked at me.

Do you??” I asked again.

Yes, I do and I think is wrong.

Why???” I asked.

Because all your friends know about my past and even your mum. I’m sure all this will come back to haunt me someday.

Never, babe, my friends are my brothers and they both liked you. My mum loves you like her own child and you know this” I said calmly.

Hmmmmm…I don’t know” she said in a whisper.

You do” I said raising her head up.
Just tell me how you feel about me too and be sincere about it, please.

These past days have been amazing ones and that’s all because of you. I’ve never felt this way for anyone before and it scares me.” She said

You don’t need to be scared. I promise to always love you and be there for you.” I said.

Okay.” She said

I love you Sandra ” I said.

She smiled.

I moved close to where she was sitting on the couch and placed my lips on hers gently.
I kissed her like I’m scared of hurting her.

In no time, she was reciprocating the kiss back. It got so heated that I couldn’t hold back anymore.
I picked her up from the couch and took her to my bed.

I placed her there gently and planted kisses on her neck and body gently.

She moaned softly.

I unbuttoned her gradually because she was wearing a button-down shirt gawn.

I kept kissing her bare skin. I was so gentle with her like she has never been touched before. I took my time to admire her soft and curvy body. I never took my time to know that I’ve been sleeping with a goddess. She looks fucking beautiful.


God, I’ve never felt like this before.

His touch, his kisses, I feel like I’m going to explode anytime soon. He trailed his mouth down to my pants.

He took it off gradually and parted my legs.

He placed his head in-between my legs and uses his mouth to work magic.

Urrrrr urrrrrrr” I moaned gently holding unto his hair.
I feel so ignited like I was going to lose my breath anytime soon. He continued till I felt this strong sensation, and my hot juice gushed out. He licked me up like his life depends on it.

He raised his head to look at me. Are you okay??” He asked with a smile.

I only nodded my head.

I was so ignited that I wanted him buried inside of me already.

What do you want??” He asked seductively staring deep into my eyes.

I want you” I said in a whisper.

I can’t hear you” he smiled.

Andrew, I want you inside of me” I said gently.

That’s my girl” he smiled.

He took down his shorts and positioned himself in between me.

He teased me without going in. He kept kissing me I could feel his hardness touching me but he refused to penetrate.

My pussy was getting tighter and arching for him that I began to moan in-between the kiss.

Umm please I want you urmmmm

He stopped kissing me and thrust gently into me without breaking the eye contact.

Oh my God, I felt like I was in heaven. I held on to him so tight. He kept thrusting inside of me gently and gently.

I’ve never been treated like that before. I could feel every inch of pleasure all through.

He gradually increases his pace until I felt this sharp sensation in my head, infact I taught I was going to go breathless. All my body went norm and I could feel something hot coming down, at this juncture, I begin to feel his bulge inside of me and I could hear him moan and we both climaxed.

That is actually the first time I’m having an orgasm in my life. I couldn’t move my body. I was so weak.

We stayed like that for some time before he went into the bathroom and came back a few minutes later.

He picked me up gradually from the bed and took me to the bathroom and placed me in the bathtub filled with warm water.

After that, he helped me bathe and brought me back to the bed like a new baby born.

I was just watching everything unfold.

He got me one of his dresses to wear. He dropped it for me and made it to live the room but I held his hand.

Thank you” I said calmly.

For what??” He asked sitting back on the bed.

For everything…

He smiled and kissed my forehead.
I love you Sandra and please stop thanking me.

I smiled

He smiled back and made to leave the room. He was almost at the door when he turned back to look at me and said” Start getting used to being pampered because I will never let you stress yourself from now henceforth” he smiled and left.

I had to pinch myself when he was out of sight because it was still like a dream.



On phone…..

📱My sweet sixteen

📱How are you son??

📱I’m good mum. You??

📱I’m fine honey.


📱Son, you sound so happy. What’s going on??

📱Am I not allowed to be happy??” I asked.

📱No, son, I didn’t mean that. Of course, I want you to be happy all the days of your life my child.

📱Yeah, I know. But don’t worry you’ll get to know why I’m this happy soon

📱Okay then. How is my baby??

📱She’s fine.

📱Hope you both are not having any issues again?

📱No mum.

📱Okay. Take care of her okay? I trust you though.

📱Sure mum” I smiled.

📱Alright, son. Do take care of yourself.

📱Ok, mum. You too.

Call ended…

I texted Kate that we should meet somewhere because I need to put an end to this nonsense. We’re sure to meet in an open place.

…Moments later…

I was already waiting for her at the venue because I came from the office. I was patiently waiting for her because if there is anyone I can recommend the lateness trophy for, it will definitely be her. She’s always late to everything.

I don’t want to call her either, just sent her another text that I’m still waiting.

A few minutes later, she arrived.

I’m sorry for keeping you waiting” she said sitting down.

So typical of you so no offense taken” I said.

C’mon now” she made her Babyface.

So I’ll get straight to the point. Why are you disturbing my peace with your crazy text and calls?” I asked with a straight face.

Andrew can’t you see that I still do love you??” She said

No, I can’t see because you’re fake” I said.

Andrew, I’m sure you know what I can do” she said looking at me.

Lol, I’m so scared Kate” I said sarcastically.

Look Andrew if I can’t have you, no one else will do in peace” she said angrily.

I laughed.
Now listen and listen carefully, I’m not yours and I’ll never be. Someone more deserving now owns me. And let me warn you if you ever think of doing or pulling any of your crazy stunts, trust me you’ll regret it. I’m sure you know very well what I’m capable of doing.” I said with so much rage.

Did you call me out here to threaten me just because of a mere prostitute?? Oh, you’re surprised how I get to know??” She asked with a smile.

Lol, a prostitute you say, huh??
Let me tell you something you’re missing, you can never be half the lady that girl you call a prostitute is even in your next miserable life. At least she never slept with her supposed best friend harlot.

And as for the threat, Nah, I’m not threatening you, I’m just telling you the fact that you’re missing. You know with just a call and you’re done for. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I said.

Andrew, please calm down it hasn’t gotten to that.” She said trying to hold my hand.

I’m not here for any familiarity my dear, so get everything I’ve said here into your thick skull and behave yourself accordingly. Good day, Miss Kate.” I said and left.

I could hear her calling me but I ignored her and drove off.

I’m sure she’ll have a sense from now henceforth but if she still insists on being tough, I’ll put her where she rightly belongs with just a call.


Babes I’m so happy for you” I said.

Thanks, darling but I’m still scared.” Sandra said


What if everything comes back to haunt me” she said sadly.

Babes I know that will never happen. This dude loves you so much and his mum loves you too. I’m sure his Friends will also love you since you said they’re like his family.


So don’t worry my dear just enjoy yourself and let everything happen naturally.

Yeah..it still feels like a dream though.” She said.

I know right. At least now you know not all men are useless.

Yeah. That’s true.

Yeah. So when are you going to see your mum??” I asked her.

I don’t know and I don’t think is anytime soon.


Weytin I won go see her for??” She asked angrily.

Sandra, we all know this woman has wronged you but I think everything now happens for your good. Just forgive her already. I’m sure she’s sorry for everything too.

That woman isn’t sorry for anything. I don’t even want to see her right now.

Sandra c’mon…

Ug, please just drop it. ” She said angrily.

Okay o.

So when am I meeting this God sent??” I asked

Soon..” she smiled.

I can’t wait…



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