I sold our daughter for $500,000; How do I tell my wife? – Broken man on Confessions with Ms Nancy

A Ghanaian man bemoans his fate as he loses sleep after selling his daughter for $500,000 USD. His woes have worsened as his wife threatens to find their daughter, whom he claimed to be staying with his brother abroad.

He tells Ms Nancy on Confessions, “I have been married for some years, and we have two children. A year ago, I told my wife that my brother in the States is preparing documents to take one of our daughters abroad because it’s not been good for us for some time. We were facing difficulties and all that.
So due to that, she agreed.”

The anonymous man continued to explain that he lied to his wife because the child was to be handed over to strangers, not his brother.
“I didn’t tell her the actual thing. What happened was that I sent our daughter away, and she’s never coming back. I signed off the adoption papers.”

“There’s a man and his wife in the States who are finding it difficult to give birth. Somebody linked me to them. They told me they have half a million dollars in exchange for a child. This money could change my life and my wife’s life. Things were so difficult. And from where I am coming from, and my wife is coming from, there’s no help,” he confessed to Ms Nancy.

How does he break the news to his wife since he does not know where his daughter is?

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