I would rather invest in secular artistes than gospel artistes – Frimprince

Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, the Chief Executive Officer of Frimprince Music Productions, has said that it is easier to deal with secular musicians than gospel musicians.

The former producer for Diana Asamoah said in an interview with Angel FM’s Ike Unpredictable that he would rather produce musicians who ply their trade in the secular world than those who do gospel.

“The secular artistes are good. They have a good understanding of issues,” he said.

Asked if secular musicians were easier to work with, he answered in the affirmative, adding that if he should choose between the two groups of musicians, he would definitely settle for gospel artistes.

This comes after he announced that he terminated Diana’s contract due to several breaches.

The CEO of Frimprince Music Productions, Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, made the announcement in a press release dated August 4, 2022.

The termination of the contract, according to Frimprince was a result of “several breaches” by the artiste, and thus officially bars Evangelist Diana Asamoah from referring to Mr Emmanuel Anane Frimpong as her executive producer.

She, thus, loses access to all the digital pages of the music production company, including her verified Facebook page.

Frimprince Music Productions also announced that it will no longer be part of ABBA FATHER, an annual gospel concert headlined by Diana Asamoah in Ghana.

The company also revealed that it will continue to have absolute rights over all the songs that were produced in their working relationship.


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