Jamaican singer, Mavado’s son sentenced to life for murder

Mavado’s son, Dante Brooks, was sentenced together with Andre Hinds to life in relation to the murder of Lorenza Thomas in 2018. 

Brooks was further sentenced to 20 years for illegal possession of firearm and sentenced to 15 years for arson. On the other hand, Andre also received 15 years of hard labor for illegal possession of firearm and 15 years of hard labor for arson.

Peter Champagnie, the Attorney for Dante Brooks told reporters after the sentence hearing that, they will be going for an appeal soon.

According to Champagnie, the defense’s primary concern is the conviction and the grounding of the conviction. Also, Brooks had a lengthy sentence than his co-accused, because the court felt he was more instrumental than the other.

“We respect the decision of the court, you always have to do that but of course there is the right of appeal,” Champagnie said. “Our clients have instructed us that we should appeal and we will act accordingly.”

“A number of serious issues have arisen in terms of this trial to include the fact that blame was being laid at the feet of the police in Constant Spring to say that they had forced the witness to say certain things that were not true and even persons were interviewed or featured in this crime and released, in those circumstances coupled with the many, many, many inconsistencies and in some instances admissions that he, the witness, was not being truthful, it is fertile ground for appeal and we intend to pursue it,” he said. “that is the main focus and will be the main focus and will be the main focus of the appeal.” “The court felt that the role of Brooks was more instrumental than Hinds. The record came back that Brooks was on bail on another matter at the time the offence was committed, and that was not the case with Hinds.”

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