Kumawu by-election: ‘Second’ Kwaku Duah disappointed in EC’s change of symbol

The latter Independent Candidate in the Kumawu by-election, Kwaku Duah has expressed disappointment in the Electoral Commission over the change of his symbol on the ballot paper to a hoe.

The candidate had earlier opted for a falcon which was protested by the other independent candidate who used a white dove with olive leaf in the beak.

The two independent candidates bear the same name, Kwaku Duah with both candidates wrapped in Kente cloth on the ballot paper.

The agitated Kwaku Duah explains that his team had sent two different sketches of a bird to the commission to replace the earlier symbol.

Kumawu by-election: 'Second' Kwaku Duah disappointed in EC's change of symbol

He has since accepted the EC’s decision despite disappointments.

“I was a bit baffled but with humility I concurred with the EC and the commission went ahead and gave me a hoe, a hoe, we didn’t have any agreement on that. Probably I would have chosen another symbol”, he said.

He added, “ what happened was that they wrote me a letter and I replied. When I replied I gave them another sketch with a gold outline that was sketch number one. I also gave them a second sketch with a blue outline. Dr. Serebour Quaque was telling my people that the EC was waiting for my reply and it didn’t come”.

Nonetheless, the candidate says his supporters have accepted the change, assuring preparedness to vote him as MP.

Meanwhile, Mr. Duah disagrees with the description that his campaign has not been vigorous.

He says other parties are rather bussing people outside the constituency for rallies and other campaign meetings.

“All the people who are loud in Kumawu are not residents, they do not even vote there”, he added

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