Kumawu by-election: There’s no way another party will win apart from NPP – Mussa Dankwah

The founder, executive director and head of Global Research for the Global InfoAnalytics, Mussa Dankwah has shared an insight into how the Kumawu by-elections will end by taking a critical look at the candidates contesting for the by-elections.

On 3FM’s Sunrise Show, today, May 23, 2023, Mussa Dankwa gave more detailed explanations of what is likely to happen at Kumawu tomorrow.

Co-host of the Sunrise Show, Helen Appiah-Ampofo asked Mussa Dankwa if the New Patriotic Party(NPP) will be able to retain its parliamentary seat on a silver platter since Kumawu is a NPP territory.

In response, he said “To be very honest no! If you look at how they have deployed their big gangs to the constituency, I wondered prior to that if they did a research and they just didn’t know what was going to happen because from what we’ve done, there’s no way that anybody will win the seat except their(NPP) candidate.”

He added “The NPP is a sure banker for a number of reasons, the poll we did way back in July shows we found that only 19% of voters aligned themselves to NPP, 74% said they were cloaking voters and that’s unusual in a strong NPP constituency. The also about 74% barely then said they unlikely to vote for the NPP if there’s a by-election in the constituency.”He added.

“The number of people who said are NPP is 72%, which should reflect what Kumawu will be. And the voting the NPP PC is around 56%. Certainly something has changed and I believe a number of things have happened in the constituency. One is the candidature of Ernest Yaw Anim. He is different from the former MP and may had issues with the former MP. No doubt about it. So this new person probably came to neutralize that kind of conflict.”

“There are effectively about 23% of voters saying that they’re voting for NPP because they are doing something there. That’s kind quite a huge number of voters, so they have been induced frankly upon the data that we have seen.” He concluded.

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023 a by-election will be held at the constituency to elect a new member of parliament after Hon. Philip Basoah died.

The New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) candidate, Ernest Yaw Anim will be contesting against the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) candidate Kwasi Amankwa and the two other independent candidates.


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