Lady Sleeps With 919 Men In Just 12 Hours; Sets New World For Herself (Video)

Infamous adult entertainer, Lisa Sparks has caused a commotion in the world after sleeping with as many as 919 men in just twelve hours.

Lisa Sparks who’s popularly known as LisaSparksxx accepted a challenge to sleep with four men in 12 hours and she indeed did to prove her wealth.

Somewhat in October 2004 during the adult conference Eroticon in Warsaw, Poland, Lisa Sparks achieved an uncommon record.

In the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship, the actress accepted the challenge with two other women

However, she emerged the winner after being able to contain the 818 men in just 12 hours.

Each man was given only 45 seconds so that Lisa Sparks wouldn’t die in the process

A Polish former world record holder, Marianna Rokita who slept with 759 men in a day was also in the competition but Lisa broke her record after sleeping with 21 more men than her.

Another adult actress, Klaudia Figura, previously held the record for sleeping with the most men in a single day, with 646.

Lisa Sparks has been married since 1995, despite having worked in the adult film industry for numerous years and starring in over 188 films.


Watch The Video Below;


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