Lekzy De Comic Reveals Why Ghana Entertainment Industry Lags Behind Compared To Nigeria’s

Ghanaian comedian, Lekzy De – Comic has revealed why the entertainment industry in Ghana is not attractive compared to that of the Nigeria’s.

According to a post on his social media platform which was intercepted by Goonlinegh.com, the fast rising comedian lamented that, the Ghanaians entertainment industry lacks investor among many other things which could have explore talents in Ghana to the world.

 Lekzy De Comic writes;

Gh Comedy

Every aspect of our entertainment if you compare it to that of Nigeria you’ll realise we’re lacking behind, from music, movies , standup comedy to what ever apart from politics simply because we lack investors and many other things…

Today I’ll solely focus on just Comedy…check locations these Nigerian guys shoot their skits to our own , I know the struggle the likes of Jeffrey Nortey and SDK go through just to get a correct location to execute some of their concepts..no matter how dope your content is if the location doesn’t correspond with the concepts it’ll appear wack also there are jokes Ghanaians are ok with when Foreigners tell them but their people is a no no.

In a country where you can’t make political jokes without getting labelled.
A country where religious jokes are a no go area,tribal jokes are prohibited but we’ve been here when many of these foreign comedians pick on anything and the people see it as a mere joke.
When comedians gets gagged it stifles creativity.

My brother OB Amponsah has been a victim of such situation so many times.. I’ve been warned back stage by a politician before just because a joke didn’t sit well with that individual, I won’t even touch on the many curses I receive in my dm just because of a joke.

And yes my people will still expect same standard of work they see from outside but none is ready to go all out for you.

Maybe someday things will get better



  1. It is very true that our people are of more interest in politics and things that do not bring anything good to our lives. It is true that our people embrace foreign works be it movie, songs, comedies and all the artistry works and look down on our own works.
    Our people struggle to bring out works but instead our people do not recognize them as they do for our neighboring countries.
    Due to this, the makers of these artistry works find it difficult to fund their works. We can do better if our people admire and recognize our works.
    Look at the likes of Majid Michel, John Dumelo, Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah and the others who tried to bring our film industry to light, Compare them to the likes of Jim Iyke, Emeka Ike, Ramzy Noah, Omotola, Genevieve and you will see that our people are equally good as those out there. Time will not permit me to mention our musicians but the likes of Sarkodie, Stone Bwoy, Shatta Wale and the others will tell you that Ghanaians equally have the talents to compete with the outside world only if our people will admire and help promote our works the way they should.

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