#VibrantSpace: Liptonia Reveals Secrets On Social Media Influencing

Social Media Influencer, Miss Liptonia Shares Secret Insights and Her Experience To Becoming Successful in Social Media Influencing and Digital Marketing.

VibrantSpace is an interview talk show hosted on Twitter by Nana Kwame Flex (@nanakwameflex3), where he engages in a one on one conversation with his guests.

He uses his twitter platform to get more information about social media influencers and celebrities. A Famous Twitter Influencer, Miss Tonia (@_Liptonia), was the guest on the show yesterday.

She revealed her birth name as Tonia Manyayam Wuni-Azabu and will turn 29 years old come October 26 2022. She is a Mamprusi from the North East Region of Ghana. Miss Tonia graduated from Accra Technical University with a certificate in marketing.

She also disclosed that she has worked with a real estate company, a school and a radio station as a Professional Digital Marketer.


There after, here is how she responded to a series of questions asked by @Nana Kwame Flex the host, @Rev.OB, @One Don, @Ewurabena, @Ama Darlington the co-hosts and some listeners.

Miss Tonia Explains Digital Marketing and Social Media Influencing. 

She explained digital marketing as letting people know what you have available (Product or Service) using digital media and letting people know why they need it.

Miss Tonia further explained social media influence as convincing people to believe in ideas you personally believe in or recommend to them, whether good or bad. As an influencer, people look up to you as a role model.

People will copy or mimic what you do or say, she added. Make sure you do the positive and right thing because the internet doesn’t forget, she advised.

How Difficult Is Social Media Influencing? 

Like any other job, Miss Tonia described social media Influencing as a hard profession because people expect you to start a call to impact positively on solving social issues in areas like education, health, development, economic issues and more.

Do’s and Don’ts As A Social Media Influencer.

She also cautioned people to be mindful of their comments and also read more, research and get their facts right before they make certain assertions to prevent misinformation and misinterpretation, especially on trending issues.

A social media influencer should have some sizeable amount of a following, be active often and avoid always carrying a bad image or being connected with negativity.

Best Time To Post or Promote Online.

Miss Tonia recommended that the best time to post or promote is in the morning because that’s when everyone comes online to get themselves updated on current affairs.

Best Platforms To Sign Up On. 

She added that it doesn’t matter the social media platform you sign up to, since there are people on every platform you can capitalize on to market or promote a product or service. Try and sign up to multiple platforms if you can, because every channel is equally important.

Also, if you can leverage a platform where you have more influence, to grow your less-known accounts by recommending it to your followers.

How Miss Tonia Reacts To Negativity

Miss Tonia said she responds to negative comments by blocking or muting them depending on how bad the comment was.

She sighted an example of how some replied and said she looked like a lizard under her picture she posted and she replied with ” Thank You” . She laughed over the comment because she considered it funny, but the person came to apologize later. If you keep feeding energy to negative comments, it will destroy your image or brand, she advised.

How Miss Tonia Approaches Potential Clients.

“I introduce myself and tell the person what I do and how I can help and then I add my rate card.”

Miss Tonia Describes Who A Perfect Customer.

Anyone could be a potential customer. Focus on building a relationship first and not just the money. Try to help at times, especially if it’s their first time to help build the relationship.

Miss Tonia Revealed A Project She Is Most Proud Of. 

It was my recent project with UNICEF and Ghana Facts which was about COVID-19 vaccination. We sat together to brainstorm about how to go about it to help the public to have insights and facts, which was very exciting for me, she added.

Miss Tonia’s Best Strategies For Social Media Marketing.

I listen and accept criticism and it’s very important. I implement people’s suggestions if possible and ignore the negative parts of it.

I don’t use one platform and don’t recommend any marketer to stick to just one platform.

Biggest Challenge As A Digital Marketer.

People who are not yet on social media. I recommend people to use the traditional media to fill in that gap.

Biggest Customer Success Story. 

It was the work I did with Jumia and I dedicated and gave my all to it. I encourage other influencers to work for brands as though they are doing it for themselves. I received a lot of compliments from that work.

What Keeps Miss Tonia Going? 

God, my ambition and my mum. My goal gives me motivation because I want to own my own digital marketing company, because I love helping brands to get to where they want to get to.

Does A Large Following Automatically Make You An Influencer? 

You could have just 10k followers and still be an influencer if only your words carry weight. An example is LawsLaw, a Twitter Influencer. Even though his followers are not up to 50k, he still gets a lot of engagement on Twitter.

Focus on your niche and really grow in that. You can master multiple niches if you can. Having a large following doesn’t make you an influencer.

Some are just tagged with the title, especially on Twitter, once they get some number of followers.

When did you make up your mind to be an Influencer? 

Neba Sark on Twitter was the person who inspired me by advising me to utilize the followers I had at that time to make money from them.

I joined Twitter in February 2019 and became active in March 2019.

I took social media influencing and marketing fulltime in Dec 2019.

Beautiful ladies can leverage their beauty to get more followers by posting their pictures often and guys can also gain more followers talking about trending issues, especially sports.

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