Man Caught In A Cemetery Feeding Dead Bodies In Ashanti Region

Man eating dead bodies


Wonders shall never end. Two guys by name kwadee and Asawase Jay were found at the cemetery feeding on human skeleton at the cemetery. The incident happened at Wawase in the Afigya Kwabre District in the Ashanti Region.

The incident occurred when some few group of people were going to the cemetery to dig a hole which will be used to burry a one Anthony,a native of the town.

When they got to the cemetery, reports says they found some skeletons of dead people at the cemetery so one of the guys said,who can chew(eat) this skeleton. The one guy called kwadee said he can so he picked some of the human skeleton and started chewing it in front of his friends, suddenly Asaase Jay also took some of the skeletal parts and started chewing to challenge his friend who has started the game.

Those who went to the cemetery was amazed looking at how they were chewing the jaws of the dead. They came and reported it to the elders of the town and when they were sent for, the two of them took to their heels.

Speaking to the Kontihene of the town on Kessben TV, the man said it is an abomination so they will deal with them. We will have to go to the cemetery and pour libation for the ancestors to have mercy on them.

Speaking to One Mallam on the Breaking News on the same TV station he also revealed that,it might be that they are wizards or they ate it because they might have been ordered by a spiritualist to do so.


Source: Operanews

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