Most Hit Songs Are Tailored By Us – Incredible Zigi

Dancers are essential to the success of songs; thus, Ghanaian dance artist and choreographer Amofa Michael, popularly known as Incredible Zigi, has advocated for their recognition at music award ceremonies.

Incredible Zigi revealed this in a social media post, saying that while many musicians themselves are not as active in marketing their songs, many successful songs owe their success to the dedication of dancers who promote the music on social media.

He thinks that dancers should also receive the necessary appreciation.

“We write the majority of the popular tunes. While we promote the tunes on social media, it seems as though the musicians are dozing off somewhere. As a result, we [dancers] deserve recognition in music award programs.

We don’t need to remain unnoticed while the musicians receive applause. What occurs to those of us who promote or blast the songs? We should be acknowledged, he urged.

This request for acknowledgment is part of a larger discussion concerning the music business and the various factors that influence a song’s popularity.

Dancers are among the many people who labor diligently behind the scenes to make music accessible to a larger audience, even though musicians are typically the faces of songs.


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