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My Crush – Love At First Sight – (Episode 10)

My Crush - Love At First Sight

My Crush – Love At First Sight                                                                                                                I walk out of the place and went to our coffee shop
“Have you given it to them? “mum asked, I nodded and went to attend to customers.

“What can I offer you, sir, ma’am,” I asked a man and a woman, they were checking the menu, I start hearing what some girls at the other table were saying
“Hey, Jayden has finally released a song,” one said
“Really, it’s been three years now,” another one said
“Yes, I wonder what could be wrong with him”.

“The song is so heartbreaking, it has a lot of sad words, am sure someone broke his heart, maybe that’s why he sang such a hurtful song after being quiet for three years,” the first one said, I ignore the people I was attending to and walk to the girls.

“Erm, excuse me, can you send that Jay’s song to me please,” I said, they nodded, I quickly brought out my phone, and they transfer it to me.

“Thank you,” I said and walk away, I plugged in my headphone and played the song, tears start rolling my eyes as I hold my chest, he really loves me, am sorry Jay, am so sorry
“I need to see him,” I said and I ran to meet mum
“Mum am going to New York” she looked at me surprised
“Why dear,” she asked.

” I want to see him, mum,” I said, she signed
“I have been telling you to forgive that boy but your ego won’t let you”
“I know mum, now am sorry, I need to see him quickly,” I said and ran out, I rush to the airport, I book a flight, and the plane took off.

3 Hours Later
I got down and walk out of the airport, I stop a taxi and I give him the address of that house he told me the truth, I still keep the paper with me, we got there in no time, as I was paying the driver, some cars came out of the house and drove passed by me, it drove out of sight, I paid the man and walk to the gate, I press the bell on it, after some minute, it opened, it was that man that was with him at the coffee shop the other time.

“You” he exclaims
“What the hell are you doing here,” he asked angrily
“Am here to see Jay, please, I need to see him?” I said calmly, he looked at me for a while then moved aside for me to enter.

I walk in and followed him to the house, we got in
“Have a seat?” he said, I sat down looked around
“If you are looking for Jayden, he is not here, he left a while ago to China for a shot,” he said, I looked down, maybe he was the one that left earlier, sh!t, if I had come earlier, I would have met him
“When is he coming back,” I asked.

“He will spend a month there and he didn’t go with his phone so you will have to wait for him,” he said, I nodded, I left him for three years so waiting for him for one month is nothing, I will stay at a hotel till then.

One Month Later

Jayden’s Pov
That was a stressful journey, I sat down on my bed, I took my phone from the bedside table, I turn it on, am back in New York, my phone rang, I smiled, it was Jasper, I picked it
“Welcome back Jay,” he said, I smiled
“Thanks, that was one hell of a journey,” I said rubbing my forehead
“Come downstairs,” he said, I sat up.

“Do you have any surprise for me” I chuckled
“Yeah, it may be a perfect gift or not,” he said, I chuckled and hang up, I smile and walk out of my room, I climb down the stairs but halt when I saw a girl standing, she has her back to me, her black shiny hair looks like that of Jaz, I sign and clear my throat, she gasps then slowly turn to me, my eyes widen when I saw her face, it’s her, she looks more beautiful.

“Jasmine” I called softly
“Jayden” she called my name in her lovely voice, I ran to her and hugged her
“You are back, I miss you so much Jaz,” I said tightening my grip, she hugged me back
“Am sorry Jay, am so sorry for leaving you, please forgive me?” she said crying.

“Am sorry Jay” I am the happiest person in the whole world now, we emerge looking at the eyes of each other, I bent and crush my lips on her, gosh I miss her lips, I miss everything about her, I kissed her, she returns it, I carried her in bridal style and climb up the stairs still kissing, I walked to my room, I lay her gently on the bed as my hands travel around her flawless skin.


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