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My Crush – Love At First Sight – (Episode 11)

My Crush - Love At First Sight

I can’t believe she is back, the sparkle in my life is back, I smiled and kissed her sleeping face, she must be tired after our lovemaking, can’t believe am her first, I smiled and fell asleep.

Next Day
I was woken by a kiss on my lips, I smile opening my eyes
“Do that again,” I said, she chuckle and peck my lips, I wrapped my hand around her waist drawing her closer to me but she pushed me.

“I still haven’t recovered from last night so stop being naughty and come downstairs, I made breakfast,” she said, I nodded and stood up, and I walk into the bathroom.

“Seriously Jay you have no any shame” she yell, I looked at myself and smiled, I didn’t wear anything, I did my business in and wear my clothes and went downstairs then walk to the dining table, I sat down then dug my fork in the noodles and started eating.
“Hmmm” I moan, delicious.

“It’s delicious,” I said shoving another into my mouth, we finished eating then called Jasper to cancel my schedule and then join Jaz in the living room, her gaze was still on the television, I sat beside her and she rested her head on my lap.

“What about the debtors, are they still disturbing you,” I asked
“I paid them last month, we went back to Korea then opened a coffee shop, we were able to save the money,” she said looking at me.

“Am sorry for not being there to help, ” I said caressing her cheeks, she held my hand
” I was the one who turn down your help remember, am sorry for hurting you Jay, “she said, I shook my head, she stood up and cup my cheek, she crush her lips on mine kissing me passionately, I wrapped my hand around the waist and then the other on her cheeks, we were interrupted by the doorbell.

“Sh!t” I cursed
“I will go get it,” she said running to the door

Jasmine’s Pov
I open the door, a lady stood there, she look at me from head to toe
“Who the hell are you” she half yelled
“I should be the one asking you that b!tch” I fired back, how can she come here dressed like a slut

“Get out of my way, I need to see my boyfriend,” she said and made to walk in but I put my hands on the door as I laugh.
“Your boyfriend or my boyfriend, look you better get your filthy self out of here,” I said folding my hands.

“Babe who is it,” Jay asked as he walked toward me.
“What the hell are you doing here Sandra,” he asked, so he knows her.
“Come on Jay, let’s talk somewhere private, let’s not allow commoner to meddle in our conversation,” she said shooting my deadly glaze.

“For your information Sandra, she is my girlfriend, not a commoner so you better mind that stinking tongue of yours” Jay fired at her. “I smile, that’s my boyfriend, why did I even leave him, I was such a fool I guess.”

“Jay you are insulting me because of this, this,” she said pointing fingers at me
“The name is Jasmine, not this, if you have nothing to say get your b!tchy self out of here” Jay fired, I giggle.

“Jay, I still love you, am sorry about my mistake, I didn’t know what came over me,” she said sniffing, oh she is even here to beg but it’s too late, am glad I came back quick.

“Jay, am sorry, please accept me back and I promise, I will never cheat on you again, please Jay,” she said holding his hand but he jerk it away.

“Don’t ever touch me Sandra or else you will regret it and don’t ever come here vomiting rubbish, Jasmine is my girlfriend now so get lost,” he said and closed the door to her face, he turn to me.

“Jaz am sorry about that” I interrupted him by kissing him, we slowly emerge
“You don’t need to explain anything to me, Jay, I trust you, ” I said, he smiled and wrap his hand around my waist.

” Now where were we, “he said, I chuckle
“Naughty boy,” I said and wrapped my hand around his neck
“You fell in love with a naughty boy,” he said, I laughed, he bent and kissed me, I kissed back with my hand on his soft hair, his hand exploring my back, just then his phone rang but he ignored and removed my shirt.

“Jay you have a call,” I said but he kissed me
“I know,” he said amidst the kiss
“It must be important” he ignores me and started unhooking my bra when it rings again, and I pushed him gently.

“Answer the call first,” I said with a straight face
“Damn” he cursed, I smiled, he picks the phone
“Hello,” he said in a serious tone
“What, now, what do you mean you are here” he yells.



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