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My Crush – Love At First Sight – (Episode 12) Continuation

My Crush - Love At First Sight

         My Crush – Love At First Sight                                                                                                Carina was my first love but she is too proud, she cheated on me, my phone bleep, it’s my manager, I sat down comfortably, I picked it up.

“What’s that all over the net” he said, I smile
“Oh you have seen it” I said, he laugh
“Lover boy” he ranted.

“That’s me, wait a minute, what’s burning” I said and sniff
“Sh!t my pasta is burning” I said and hang up, I heard him laughing before the line went dead, I ran to the kitchen to see Jaz standing with her hand fold
“You call this cooking” she said, I smile.

“Thanks for saving it,” I said and sign in relief.
“I didn’t save it, Jay, it has completely gotten burnt,” she said, my smile vanished, I ran to where the pot is, I opened it to see it was completely fine, she saved it, I look at her, she starts laughing
” hahaha, it’s not funny Jaz,” I said.

“Yeah it is, you could have seen the look on your face” she said laugh then stop
“Sorry, I just can’t help but laugh” she started laughing again.
“Okay, it’s not because of the pasta that is making you laugh, tell me what is it?” I said putting my hand on my waist, she took a tray and then face it to me, I look at it to see my face covered with flour, it must be when I was trying to make pancakes.

“Geez, Jaz,” I said, she laughed, I walked to the sink and wash my face, and she hugged me from behind.
“Please don’t leave me Jay, I can’t leave without you” she said hugging me tightly, I turn to face her.
“And I will never leave you, that’s a promise, mum won’t bother us again, even if she does, I will protect our relationship, I won’t let it crumble” I assure, she nodded.

“Hey, I made the pasta for you, what will be my reward for that” I said, she look up at me and then place a light kiss on my lips.
“That’s your reward” she said then turn to go, I pulled her to my body then kiss her, I place my hand on my soft butt, and she quickly responded, if I don’t stop now we won’t be able to eat anytime soon,I release her.

“That’s a better reward, let’s eat” she nodded, I serve the food, we ate to our satisfaction, she start doing the dishes, and I stood beside her looking at the comments from fans.

Some were bad comment while some were good comments
I know the bad once are just jealous.

I smile looking at the good comments
“Aww they look good together”
“She is so beautiful, I wish I was her”I keep smiling.

“What are you looking at” I looked at Jaz, then smile
“I posted our pictures, it’s all over the net, it just hit 3 million likes” I said, her eyes widen
“Let me see” she collect the phone.

“Aww, so cute but some of the comments are bad” she said
“Just forget about the bad comment, you can’t expect everyone who sees you to like you, and those people are just jealous, am sure there are a lot of reporters outside now,let’s go talk to them” I said, she shook her head.

“So childish, I wonder how I fell in love with you,” I said
“and I also wonder how I fell in love with you”she said.
“That’s because am handsome and I have a heart of gold, I mean golden heart” I said with my hand on my chest.

“Aww, am so honored to be the one in your heart, am going back to Korea” she said, my smile vanished.
“You are going back”I asked like I didn’t hear her, she nodded.
“You, you can’t leave” I was stammering, she can’t leave me again.

“You fell for that, hahaha” she laughed, geez, don’t tell me she was joking, I sign in relieve
“You shouldn’t be joking with stuff like that” I said pretending to be angry, she wrap her hands around my neck.

“You don’t even know how to pretend to be angry but you look cute” she said then kissed me, thank God she isn’t leaving again, I kissed back but my damn phone rang, damn it, I release her, she chuckle, I picked it.

“What is it?” I yelled on the phone
“Hey, you and your girl should get ready, the press is seeking for presence and don’t think of telling me you don’t like the press cause you called them,” he said, I signed.

“Okay, fine and tell Linda to get a perfect dress for my queen and call my makeup artist, tell her to come with Linda” I said then wink at Jaz, and she blushed.
“Okay got it” I ended the call.

“Great, the press is seeking our presence” I said, her eyes widen
“What, you mean the press, Geez, is that why you requested for a dress and a make up artist” she asked, I nodded.

“There are going to be here soon so go take a shower and wait for them, as for me I need to look very handsome for my cupcake tonight” I said walking away, I heard her chuckle.



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