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My Crush – Love At First Sight (Episode 12)

My Crush - Love At First Sight

My Crush – Love At First Sight                                                                                                                “No am busy, I’ll come to you tomorrow” I raised my eyebrow
“Sh!t” he cursed then remove the phone from his ear.

“What’s wrong,” I asked, he was wearing his T-shirt, and he gave me mine.
“Dress up, my parents are outside the house” my eyes widen, I wore my clothes hurriedly
“You ready?” he asked, I nodded touching my hair, he went out then came back with two people, I mean his parents.

“And who is this whore” his mum said looking at me in disgust, I bow my head in embarrassment
“Mum, please watch it, she is my girlfriend” Jay yelled, I couldn’t bear to lookup
“Am sure she is one of those slut that’s after your money,” she said again.

“Mum that’s enough” Jay yelled, I felt tears roll down my cheek
“Susan, that’s harsh,” his dad said in his deep voice
“Whatever,” she said.

“Just tell him why we are here” she added, Jay, walked toward me
“Jaz, am sorry for that,” he said, I shook my head.
“Let’s sit first,” his dad said, I sat down beside Jay, his mum continue sending me a deadly glaze
“Jay, you know Rina right,” his dad said, Jay, nodded.

“Well we have arranged a marriage between you and Carina,” he said, my eyes widen as I look up, what arranged marriage.

“No fvcking way, am not marrying that girl, over my dead body” Jay yelled and stood up, I buried my face in my palm, as tears keep dropping, I should have thought about this, we are two different world
“Dad, I love Jasmine and I can’t marry any girl except her for once I think you should respect my decision,” Jay said.

Jayden’s Pov
Why do they only care about their business, I heard a sniff, I look at Jaz, she buried her face in her palm, is she crying
“Jaz” I call weakly.

“I need to go Jay, this is a family discussion, I shouldn’t be here”she said standing up, she is crying, it hurts me to see her cry
” Jaz, I”.

“I need to go,” she said then went to my room, I followed to see her taking her bag, turning to leave, I took the bag from her.

“Jaz, where are you going” I said holding her hand.
“She doesn’t like me, she thinks that am some gold-digging b!tch” she yells angrily
“And you are going to get married to someone else, how fantastic” she said cleaning her tears
“Jaz listen to me, I won’t marry anyone but you, you are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with” I said, she look at me, I hug her while she cry loudly
“Shhh,it’s okay, I love you Jaz” I said patting her back.

I pat her back until she fell asleep on my shoulder, I lay her gently on my bed, cover her with the duvet then walk out, dad was operating his phone, and mum was coming out of the kitchen, and I walked to them.

“We need to talk” I said and walked outside, they followed me and I led them to the garden.
“Why the hell are doing this to me dad, and mum I know you are the one who brought this stupid idea,” I said angrily.

“Son if you marry Carina, half of her dad’s company will be shifted to you” mum said
“So that’s the reason, money, isn’t the one you have enough to live your lives to the fullest, what do you need half of her dad’s company for, sorry to disappoint you but am not interested so stop this foolishness, I will marry the girl I love and that’s Jasmine and that’s it” I yelled.

“Come on son, that girl is not your class, she is a slut that’s just after your money” mum said, I got angry.

“One more insult from you then you will regret having me as your son just get out of my life like the way you left me when I was five, you care only about business, you never have time for me so leave me alone, I have enough money to take care of Jasmine and I don’t need any rich slut to earn more money, don’t tell me you support her cause if you do, I will disown you both as my parent” I yelled and went into the house

Anthony’s Pov (Jay’s dad)
“Susan, leave him alone, he has the right to make his own decision, let’s not force him” I said
“Come on Tony, don’t be a baby, Carina’s father has a lot of money, Jay will enjoy those money when he vet married to Carina” she said, I shook my head
“Am not of it and if you insist on doing that, get ready for a divorce” I said and walked away, it was her idea, Carina’s father is the third billionaire after us being the second.

Jayden’s Pov
I sat on the bed beside Jaz, I will never leave her for anything in the world, I touch her hair gently then kiss her forehead, I stood up and went to the kitchen by the time she wakes up, she will be hungry, I made pasta, I went to the living room and sat down waiting for it to be done, I scroll down on the pictures we took before my parent bring their problem, I posted it on the net, I want the world to know about the love of my life and especially Carina, she was my first love.


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