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My Crush – Love at first sight – (Episode 13)

My Crush - Love at first sight

My Crush – Love at first sight    (Jasmine’s Pov)
Crazy boyfriend, I walked to my room and took my bath, I came out of the bathroom only to see two ladies come into my room.

“Hi, am Linda, Jay’s designer and this is Ariana his makeup artist,” Linda said.
“Hi,” Ariana said, I smile
“It’s nice meeting you both,” I said nervously
“So let’s start”.

Fast Forward
Wow you look so beautiful, I know Jay would drool when he see you “Linda said, I blushed.
“It’s time, let’s go,” Ariana said, I nodded then walked out, and they followed me behind, I looked down to see Jay was sitting stamping his feet on the floor, Linda clears her throat, and he look up as his mouth went open.

“I told you, he would drool” Linda whispered, I chuckled then walked down the stairs to meet him
“Wow, you look fabulous, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous”.

“It’s okay Jay” I teased interrupting him, he smiles then put my hand across his elbow
“Shall we” he said, I nodded, and we walked to his car and drove out, he is right reporters were outside flashing cameras on the car but the driver drove off, it stop in front of a building, and reporters ran to the car, Jay got down as guard prevent the reporters from touching him, he walked to my side and open the door for me, I blushed.

“Come on princess” he said stretching his hand to me, I took it and got down from the car, and he closed the door, I put my hand across his elbow as we walk into the building, phew, I can finally breath, there were reporters inside the hall, Jay lead me to the stage, he pulled out a seat for me, I smiled and sat down, gosh I feel like a princess, he sat down beside me as we were facing the reporters, the question started.

“How did you meet Jayden Brandon”
“Well I met him by the sea, I mean in the sea” I said, Jay chuckle
“Is Jayden your first love”
“Yes, he is”.

“How do you feel when you met him miss,” one reporter said trying to guess my name
“It’s Jasmine,” I said, the whole hall wowed.

“Well, I felt really blessed meeting him, it was a wonderful feeling that I can’t explain” I said
“How much do you love her Jayden”.

“I love her enough that I want to spend the rest of my life with her,” he said not taking his eyes off me, I blushed.
“And that’s not going to happen” a voice said, all eyes turn toward the direction.

All eyes turn to the voice, it’s Jay’s mother
“Mum?” Jay called, this is not going to look good.

Jayden’s Pov
What the fvck is she doing here?
“My son is not in love with that b!tch, he is in love with Carina Smith” she said, my eyes widen, the reporters turn to me.

“Is it true Jayden?” a reporter asked
“No it’s not true,” I said boldly.
“Come on Jay, we both know that you still love Carina, you are just trying to forget her by keeping that slut beside you” she said walking closer to Jaz, I stood in front of her.

“Well, Carina was my first love but she cheated on me, that was then but now Jasmine is the one I love, you don’t live in my heart to know whom I love, “I said angrily.

“He will get married to Carina next week, it’s to inform the world” mum said smiling
“And that’s never going to happen, I regret having you as a mother, you are so selfish and greedy” I said angrily, Jaz held my hand.

“Jay that’s enough, she is your mum” Jaz whisper
“Keep your filthy mouth shut when am talking to my son” mum yelled.
“And don’t you dare talk to my girlfriend like that Mrs Brandon” I yelled back, her eyes widening.

“You are talking to me like this because of some trash,” she said looking at Jaz
“Stop all this nonsense Susan” I heard dad’s yell, all the camera turned to him
“Tony what are” she tried to talk but dad silence her.

“What you are doing now is too much” he turns to the reporters
“Please leave I need to discuss matters privately with my family” dad said, in 30 minutes the coast was clear, and he turn to Jaz.

“Am sorry dear, please forgive my wife for what she did” dad apologizes to Jaz
“It’s nothing sir” Jaz said in whisper.
“Tony what are you doing, he has to marry Carina,” mum said.

“Susan it’s enough, you are making me regret ever marrying you, you are so greedy, I think it’s high time we get a divorce” dad said and walk out, mum gave us an apologetic look then walked away, I turn to Jaz, her head was down, I hold her chin making her look into my eyes.

“Am sorry Jay, my presence is causing a lot of trouble in your family,” she said, I place my finger on her lips.
“Stop saying that Jaz, it’s not your fault okay, I love you so much Jasmine,” I said caressing her cheeks, and she smiled.

“I love you so much too Jayden” she said then plant a light kiss on my lips, immediately she kissed me, a light flash on us,we turn to see all the reporters are back, Jaz look down probably shy, and I smiled.



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