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My Crush – Love At First Sight – (Episode 4)

My Crush - Love At First Sight

(My Crush – Love At First Sight)      Jasmine’s Pov
Samuel is not in school today, school is so boring without him, what could be wrong with him, I didn’t even take his number, I hope he is alright, I went home after school, I took a shower then went to my part-time job, yes I just found one at a coffee shop yesterday, I went for the interview and was asked to resume today, I entered the coffee shop, everyone is so busy going up and down.

“Hey, what’s going on”I asked my co-worker whose name is Daisy
“You don’t know the famous Singer and model is coming here so we have to be ready to serve him properly” she explains.

“But who is the famous Singer and model,” I asked, and she blush.

“It’s Jayden Brandon, the handsome, cute oh my God, I wish I will be the one to serve him” she blushed but who is Jayden Brandon,” I thought, I change to my working uniform, then stand at the counter.

“He is here” the boss yelled as we all ran to the door side and stand, I stood at the front to see him, the door open revealing an angel, he is so handsome, I find myself drooling, who gave birth to this guy, he is so perfect, God really took time while creating him, Daisy blushed seeing him, he went and sat down with three bodyguards behind him and a man.

“Get to work Jasmine” my boss whispered, I nodded then took the mean to him, he didn’t even look at me.

“I want a glass of ice coffee later,” he said still looking at the mean, his voice sounds familiar, it sounds familiar to Samuel’s voice, and I looked at him.

“Jasmine, Jasmine” I heard from behind, I turn it’s Daisy, I guess she already knows that am already lost staring at him, she signal me to come, I nod and turn to carry the menu,my glaze meet his, his eyes widen when he saw me, wait he look familiar.

“J, Jasmine” he called my name that same way Sam does, how did he know my name
“How do you know my name”I asked boldly, he look away like he was trying to think, he look at me
“I saw it on the tag,” he said pointing to the tag on my shirt, I sign and smiled.

I place his order and went to serve him then went to the counter.

Jayden’s Pov
What is she doing here, I almost got caught, I didn’t expect to meet her here, she came with the order, I can’t help but look at her, and she walked away.

“Hey Jasper, send everyone out excluding that girl” I whisper in his ear, he nodded and did as I instructed.

“It’s done sir”
“Tell her to come sit with me” I said, he nodded and went to meet her, she look at me but I look away trying to act cool.
“You sent for me” I heard her voice, I look up, she was standing with her hands fold
“Sit” I said looking at her, she hesitate before sitting down
“What do you want?” She asked
“It seems you don’t remember me” I asked, she shook her head
“No, I don’t” I nod and smile.
“At the Sea” I said, her eyes widen
“You are the guy from the sea,” she said, I nodd
“But why were you trying to kill yourself,” she asked
“I wasn’t trying to kill myself,” I said.

“Then why were you going deeper into the sea” she fired at me
“I was just enjoying the feeling, I didn’t know I was going deep” I explained.

“Okay, so your name is Jayden Brandon, the famous Singer and model” I nodded
“What about you?” I asked even if I already know.
“Jasmine Scott,” she said, I smile.

“Nice name Jaz, nice meeting you again Jaz” I said extending my hand for a handshake
“The pleasure is all mine” we chatted till it was time to go home, I bid her goodbye and left not without taking her number, I got home, I lay on my bed and smiled, I took out my phone and save the number with my crush, God please help me, am being two people at the same time, I slept off thinking about the consequences of Jasmine finding out about me.

My damn alarm woke me up, I lazily walk to the bathroom after bathing, I wear my old fashioned cloth,put on my wig and glasses, I took my bag and walk out, I got to school, am having chemistry, I wish I would see her there, I walk in, few students were there, I sat down in a corner.


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