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My Crush – Love At First Sight – (Episode 5)

My Crush - Love At First Sight

My Crush – Love At First Sight

I sat down on a corner, Jasmine entered
“Yes,” I said aloud, I looked around to see everyone looking at me, I look at Jaz, she was smiling, seems we are meant to be together, and she sat down beside me.

“Hey what happens, you weren’t in school yesterday?” She asked
“Erm I, I, I was” sh!t, am stammering, why didn’t I think of this question.
“Well, I had a slight headache that’s why”.

Am really amazed at myself on how I cook up lies, she places her hand on my forehead, and I look at her shocked.

“It’s not fever and you look fine on Monday,” she said
“It’s not fever don’t worry, I feel alright now,” I said looking away
“I miss you yesterday, you know,” she said, I look at her
“You, you miss me?” I asked like I didn’t hear her
“Yes, the school was boring without you,” she said, I smiled
“I missed you too, ” I said.

“Hey, lovebirds focus” the teacher yelled, when did she enter, the teacher start teaching, I sometimes steal a glaze at Jaz, our eyes meet twice, and the class ended, and I signed in relief.

“Let’s get something to eat, am hungry,” she said, I nodded as we walk to the cafeteria holding hands like lovers, we ate the same thing.

“Hey do you know Jayden Brandon,” she asked, my smile vanished.
“Yes I do,” I said faking a smile
“I met him yesterday at the coffee shop where I work, he is so handsome and cute,” she said blushing, I feel jealous, crazy me, am jealous of myself
“Really, of course, he is handsome and kind too” I added
“Really,” she asked, I nodded.

“He took my number too,” she said bringing out her phone
“I saved him when I first came here, I didn’t know he was famous,” she said scrolling her phone
“Right here, this is it” she showed me my number, and I smiled.

“That’s nice but you didn’t give me your number, is it because am not popular,” I said taking a sip of my orange juice.

“Of course not, I forgot to collect yours, it’s not like that, hey has anyone ever told you that you have a good heart,” she said, I shook my head.

“Wow so am the first, incredible but why don’t you remove your glasses, they don’t suit you,” she said trying to remove my glasses, I shifted back
“No I, I, I can’t see without my glasses,” I said breathing hard
“Ok, am sorry” she apologized.

“Hey are you busy tonight,” she asked
“No why?”
“I want you to visit my place, mum will be happy to see you, will you come,” she said, my eyes widen
“Your house?” She nodded.

“Okay, what time?” I asked
“7:30 pm, here is the address,” she said giving me a piece of paper, I collected it and smiled, I will use this opportunity and tell her who I am
“I will be there,” I said.

“Yippee” she scream happily attracting people’s attention, she went home after school, and I went home too.

I showered then ask my manager to check my schedule, thank goodness, am free from
6:30 pm.

I wore a short and a Polo, I went out, I passed by a florist then turned back and entered the shop, I don’t know if she likes flowers but I bought some white flowers, I got to her house then knock on the door, after some minutes, it opens revealing the goddess of beauty
“Hey,” she said smiling, she was in bum shorts and a top
“Hi” I manage to say.

“Come in,” she said ushering me in
“Here, it’s for you, I hope you like it,” I said giving her the flower, she collected it smiling
“Thanks, I love it,” she said, I smiled
“Your house is beautiful” I commented, she smiled
“Thanks, what can I offer you”
“Anything” I replied, she nodded and walk away.

Jasmine’s Pov
I took the apple pie I made and some strawberry juice, I placed it on the table
“This is all I got, “I said nervously.
“Thanks, “he said and start digging the fork into it, I watched as he ate everything
“Wow so delicious” I blushed
“Can you teach me how to make it?” he asked

Fast Forward
“Wow, thanks, here have a bite,” he said giving me the apple pie we made together
“Here,” he said feeding me.
“Hum, it’s tasty,” I said chewing It
“Here, taste it too” I fed him with it.

“Delicious” I smiled, there was silence as I looked into his eyes, he was looking at mine, he started bringing his face closer, I don’t know what got into me, I close my eyes, I gasp as our lips touched, I wrap my hands around his neck kissing him back
“Jaz, am home” mum voice interrupted us


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