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My Crush – Love At First Sight – (Episode 6)

My Crush - Love At First Sight

My Crush – Love At First Sight

We pull away
“Am, am, am sorry?” he said, I look away then went to meet mum
“Welcome mum,” I said as Sam came out
“Why are you guys sweating”my eyes widen.

“Nothing mum, we were making apple pie, must be the heat in the kitchen,” I said smiling
“You are Samuel right,” she asked, he nodded
“Yes, ma’am”.

“You are welcome, Jaz can I talk to you for a sec,” she said, I nodded, we walk to the balcony
“What is it, mum”
“Jaz, there are, here again, I saw one on my way to the market, we need to run before they come here,” she said, my eyes widening.

“Not again mum, no, I won’t go anywhere,” I said
“Jaz, please listen to” I left her and walk to Samuel
“Are you okay?” he asked, I nodded.

“Jaz, am sorry about earlier”
“It’s nothing Sam” I interrupted
“And I need to tell you something, it’s about”
“I think you should leave,” I said

Jayden’s Pov
I don’t know what came over to me but I need to tell Jaz the truth about me now
“Jaz I”
“Please leave Samuel” she yell interrupting me, I looked at her for a while before turning and then left the house.

“Don’t tell me she is angry with me, I went home, I lay on my bed, I touch my lips smiling, her lips were so soft but why was she angry with me that she didn’t let me talk to her.

Jasmine’s Pov
I feel bad for shouting at Sam, no am tired of running, I went to mum’s room
“how much are we owning them”I asked angrily
“25 million dollars,” she said, I opened my mouth in shock.

“25 what, that much” I yell, she didn’t look at me, I left the house angrily, I brought out my phone, I really need a friend by my side, I called Sam, he pick up like he was expecting my call
“Sam,” I said as tears roll down my cheek.

“Hey are you okay, why is your voice like this,” he asked
“Sam I don’t know what to do,” I said sniffing
“Where are you?” He asked.

“By the sea,” I said, he hang up, I stood there watching the sea or should I say crying, I felt a hand pull and hug me
“Sam” I called weakly but he didn’t say anything, I cried loudly on his chest.

Jayden’s Pov
I was running by the seashore when I stop at the sight in front of me, it was Jasmine and Jack hugging.


What’s this, are they friends, but she doesn’t talk to him, I feel like tearing him apart, the sight is killing my heart, why did she call me if she is with Jack, is she trying to tell me that she is already taken, I turn around and clean the tears on my face, why Jaz, why do you have to hurt me this way, I walked away and got into my car, I parked it far away, I hit the steering till my hand start bleeding, my heart is in pain, I turn on the engine and drove home, I start taking out my anger on anything my hand touch.

“Holy cow, Jay” I heard Jasper’s voice which make me pause and went to the bar, I took a drink and look at him, I am still in disguise.
“What the fvck happen, Jay,” he asked standing at the doorway, my hand was bleeding and hurting but it does not compare to the pain in my heart.

“Leave me alone Jasper,” I said taking a sip of the alcohol beside me
“Jay you” I throw the glass at him, he ducks it and it crashed on the wall behind him
“I said leave me alone Jasper” I yell, he left, I sniff and took another bottle then drank the whole content.

Jasmine’s Pov
We have been like that for God knows how long
“Thanks, Sam,” I said tightening the hug, I can’t go anywhere else, I can’t leave Sam, yes my feelings are confirmed, I love Sam even if he is a weird guy, am in love with him.
“Sam, am sorry for shouting at you,” I said but he didn’t respond, is he still angry, I pull from the hug, and my eyes widen, what the hell.

“You have wet my shirt princess,” he said, I moved back
“You, what the hell are you doing here,” I asked angrily
“Chillax girl, I came to watch the beautiful view of the sea then sighted the most beautiful view but she wasn’t smiling,” he is so annoying.

“Did you enjoy the hug?” he asked, I raise my eyebrows
“I thought you were Sam, forget about what happened here,” I said and turn to leave when he pulled me to his body.

“Man you are so beautiful, I wonder what you see in that goblin’s body that I don’t have,” he said, I push him away


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