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My Crush – Love At First Sight (Episode 8)

My Crush - Love At First Sight

My Crush – Love At First Sight
“25 million dollars,” she said sadly
“I don’t want to leave you Sam” she sniffs.

“It’s okay, let’s meet up in the evening as we have planned, come to this address,” I said giving her my house address, yeah I want to tell her the truth, I just wish she forgives me for lying.
“Okay” she said, she walked into her house as I went home to prepare for her visit.

Jasmine’s Pov
It’s 5:00 pm already, I wear my cloth, did nude makeup, sprayed perfume then took my bag and went out.
“Where are you going Jaz,” mum asked, I ignore her and walked out, I got into a taxi and it drove off to the address, we stop in front of a mansion, I look at it in surprise.
“Erm sir, is this the place” I asked still looking at it.

“Yes” the driver said impatiently
“Okay, thanks” I paid him and got down, the taxi drove off, I look at the majestic mansion in front of me, am I at the right place, I was still looking around when a little girl walked toward me and stood in front of me, I smile, she smiled back then hand me a paper, I collected it looking at it confused.

“What’s the” the girl is not there again, I look around but she was nowhere to be found, I swallowed hard and then open the paper.

“Enter the gate in front of you” the letter read, I look at the gate, I slowly walk near it, it opened immediately, I enter looking around, wow, the environment is so beautiful, a guy walks towards me and handed me a paper and walked away, I open it.

“Don’t be scared Jaz, come into the house” it reads, I walk into the house, everywhere was dark, okay am scared now, what the hell is this, what have I gotten myself into but the letter that guy gave me has my name on it, is this kidnapping, could it be that the taxi driver is one of those debtors, oh my God, I turn to leave then all the lights went on, I look around, there was a table in the middle of the room and balloons all over the flour, okay, it looks like a romantic scene, not kidnapping, I walk to the table, could Sam have done these, no way he could do this, I know all the decorations here cost a lot of money, Jack’s word replay in my head.

Could Sam be hiding something from me but why would he do that

No, why would he do that, I got to the table, I saw a paper, I took it and opened it.
“The love of my life, my Jewel, my cupcake, you make my heart beat so fast, am imperfect Jaz but I promise you that I will be the most perfect boyfriend to you if you say yes to me Sam” I blushed.

“Yes Sam, I will be your girlfriend, I love you so much” I yell smiling, a flashlight on the stairs, I look in the direction suddenly I felt a hand around my stomach pulling me close, I was startled at first then I smile knowing it’s Sam, I feel him smile too, I turn to face him, he cups my cheek and kisses me, I kissed back, we emerge looking at the eyes of each other.

“I love you Jaz,” he said smiling
“I love you too Sam, “I said then peck his lips
“Let’s sit” I nodded, he pulled out a seat for me, I smiled and sat down, he went to the other side and sat down, a man dressed in chef cloth walked to us and served us, I was confused, I look at Sam.

“Let’s eat first Jaz, I promise to explain later,” he said, I nodded and start eating, hum pasta, I miss it so much, we finish eating and then walked to the balcony looking at the beautiful sight
“Do you like the view?” he asked hugging me from behind
“Yeah, it’s beautiful”.

“You are more beautiful” I smile
“But Sam, am confused right now, where did you get the money to prepare all these, I bet it’s expensive,” I said looking outside.

“Yes it’s expensive and the money is mine” he said tightening his grip
“Jaz, am sorry,” he said and sniffed, is he crying, I made to turn but he tighten his grip making it impossible to turn.

“What are you sorry for Sam,” I said camly
“My name is not Samuel”he said ,my eyes widening.

“What?”I exclaim, I turn quickly
“What do you mean?” I asked, what the hell is he saying, he turned his back on me, he removed his glasses and his hair, what the fu…, a wig, he then turned slowly, my eyes widen at the sight in front of me, oh my God, no this is not true, am I dreaming, it’s Jayden the Singer but how is that possible.

“Jaz, I know you are shocked, look I didn’t mean to deceive you, I swear, am sorry,” he said trying to touch me but I move back stopping him from touching me
“You have been lying to me” I half yell, how could he do this.



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