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My Crush – Love At First Sight – (Episode 9)

My Crush - Love At First Sight

My Crush – Love At First Sight
How could he do this? so this is what Jack was talking about
“When you said you love me at first sight, was it when I saved you, “I ask, he nodded
” Why didn’t you tell me, Hun, you didn’t trust me enough, what do you take me for, a fool”I yelled, he shakes his head.

“No am sorry, I wanted to tell you at your house the other time but you interrupted by asking me to go away, I didn’t mean to keep it from you, I was scared that you might leave me,” he said holding my hand, I jerk it away.

“What you are scared of, is coming to reality, you deceived me Sam or should I say Jayden Brandon and I hate people who lie and deceive others, I will never forgive you for this, you jerk,” I said and walked to the table, I pick my bag then turn to leave, Sam held my hand then kneel down.

“Am sorry Jaz, please don’t leave me, I can’t leave without you please” he said crying
“Then learn to live without me” I jerk my hand and walked away.

Jayden’s Pov
“No, no, no please Jaz, am sorry,” I said running after her but she didn’t stop, she stop a taxi and got in, this is what am afraid of, I kneel down in tears, she can’t leave me, I stood up and ran to my car, I open the door and made to enter but Jasper stopped me
“What do you think you are doing”I yell.

“I will drive you there, you can’t drive like this,” he said and collect my car keys, I sign and walk to the other side, I got in then he drove off, we got to Jaz’s house, I saw a car outside, her mum came out with some bag, no, I got down and ran to her.

“Excuse ma’am is Jasmine in”I ask, she looks at me from head to toe,
“Who are you?” Just then Jaz come out with a bag too, I walked to her
“Jaz, where are you going?”I said looking at her bag and then at her.

“And how is that your business” she said then walk to the car and put it inside
“Come on mum, let’s go,” she said and open the door, I walked toward her.

“Jaz please don’t do this, I will pay the money you are owning those people just please don’t leave,” I said, she turn to face me.

“I never asked for your sympathy Jayden Brandon, stay away from me,” she said
“You promise me that no matter what happens, you will never leave me, please Jaz” she turns away
“I thought you said you love me, I know that I was wrong and am sorry,” I said running my fingers through my hair, and she open the car door.

“If you go now, will you be able to deal with the fact that am not with you,” I said holding the car door
“I will learn to, you do the same, goodbye,” she said and got in

She got into the car
“Okay, if that’s what you want, goodbye Jaz, I will always love you,” I said then walk away, I got into my car, Jasper drove away, goodbye Jaz, I wish you will be happy.

3 months later
“There is something you all should know, Samuel is actually Jayden Brandon, he disguises himself so that he won’t have to deal with the fans around,” the principal said on our graduation day, everyone gasp for air as he made the announcement, I smile, they keep looking at me.

“Jayden please what do you have to say to everyone, “the principal said, I smile and walk majestically to the stage, and I took the mic.

“I would like to say that am sorry for deceiving you guys but I had to do so to keep fans away and I would be able to focus on my studies, once again am sorry,” I said and walk down the stage, Jasper smiled at me, I smiled back, am happy that I have finally graduated from High College but the happiest thing in my life already left me.

3 Years Later
I am in the studio, it’s been three years now and I haven’t released any song, I have already composed a song but my head went blank anytime I want to sing it, gosh I can’t believe I am still thinking about Jaz after 3 years.

“Jay, one more time” Jasper’s voice jerks me off my thoughts
“Okay,” I said, he play the beat, I inhale and exhale then start singing
🎶tears are forming as I look at the stars🎶
🎶but our memories still linger🎶
🎶a day without you hurt too much🎶
🎶i look at you from far away, you who ask to be forgotten🎶
🎶my tears, my sad memories🎶
🎶you are my love, my love whom I miss🎶
🎶i draw your face out from under the same sky, I will always live in pain like this🎶
I finish singing as tears roll down my cheek, I miss you so much, Jasmine.

Jasmine’s Pov
Are you sure it’s all the money” the gang leader asked, I nodded
“What about the interest of making us travel from one country to another,” he said
“It’s inside, you can count it if you want,” I said boldly, he look at me then nodded
“You can go,” he said, I turn and left the place.



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