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My Crush (Love At First Sight) – Episode 2

My Crush (Love At First Sight)

My Crush (Love At First Sight) – Episode 2
I went home, I remove my cloth and went into the bathroom, why was my heart beating so fast when she is with me, I finish bathing, I wore a bathrobe and walk out of the bathroom, I lay on the bed, my mind was filled with her smile, Jasmine, Jasmine, is this love at first sight.

Jasmine’s Pov
That guy is so handsome, why was he trying to take his life, mum and I arrive three hours ago, mum was arranging our thing while I went out for a walk, we rented a bungalow near the sea, am starting school tomorrow, I really hope I like the school, I lay on my bed looking at the ceiling, I hope that guy didn’t go into the sea again, I close my eyes and drift to sleep.

“Wake up Jaz, you are going to be late,” mum said shaking me.
” Okay mum, am up, ” I said and stand up and went to the bathroom to cut the story short, I was already dressed for school, I pack my hair in a ponytail, I went downstairs, I eat my breakfast, and went to school ‘WELCOME TO BRIGHT BRAIN HIGH’ was written boldly on the gate, I sign and walk to the principal’s office, he gave me the timetable, am having history now, I use my map and it leads me to a hall, I sign again and open the door, all eyes turn to me, the hall was full, I started feeling nervous.

“You are a new kid right,” the teacher asked, I nodded
“You can seat with Samuel,” he said pointing to a guy, his hair is messy, weird glasses, many books on his table, he look up arranging his glasses, his eyes widen when he saw me, he smile, I smile back and walk to him, he was just staring at me smiling, I sat down and brought out my history notebook.

“Hi am Ja, I mean Samuel” he extend his hand for a shake, I smile and took it
“Am Jasmine, nice meeting you?” I said trying to remove my hand from his but he hold it looking at me smiling, he is weird, I pull my hand with force and focus on what the teacher is teaching.

Jayden’s Pov
I can’t believe this, my wish has come true, she is so beautiful, I can’t stop staring at her, I smile.

“Stop staring at her Samuel” Jack teased, the whole class laughed only Jasmine didn’t.

“She is too beautiful right and tells you what, she will not go for an ugly goblin-like you,” he said, again laughter-filled everywhere.

That’s my life at school, am a laughing stock, a weird and crazy guy, I felt embarrassed if Jasmine wasn’t here then I will just ignore them but my crush is here beside me, I turned to look at her again, she looked at me, I looked away instantly, I packed my books and left the hall ignoring, I went to the basketball court, if they know that am Jayden Brandon, they wouldn’t treat me like this, I bury my face in my palm.

“Why did you leave like that “I heard the angelic voice of my crush, I raise my head to see her sitting beside me, and I look away, she wasn’t looking at me.

“Am already used to it?” I said rubbing my palm together, am already sweating, the almighty Jayden is nervous.

“You shouldn’t have left like that, you should have defended yourself, instead of letting them mock you,” she said, I shake my head.

“What’s the point, am poor and they are rich, a lift of their finger can destroy me” I lied, I hate the fact that am lying about myself, but me now, am poor.

“You are right to freak,” Jack said and throw a ball at us, it was advancing toward her, I quickly stood infront of her, the ball hit my head, she gasp, it hurt, I just smiled at her.

“Are you okay?” she asked standing up, I nodded, hell no, I feel like my brain would burst any moment
“What the hell is wrong with you” she yells at Jack.

“Come on beauty, quit being with that goblin and come after handsome and rich guys like us,” he said pointing to himself and his gang, I clench my fist.

“I prefer being with him cause he is more mature and sensible unlike handsome guys with no brain, mannerless and immature ones like you” she fired back, I smiled, my crush is defending me, she bend and pick the ball from the ground.

“Let’s make a deal, I score a point,you will apologize to him and never bothered him” she said
“And if you don’t, he will be my slave,” he said, my eyes widen.


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