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My Crush – (Love At First Sight) Episode1

My Crush (Love At First Sight) Episode 1 Jasmine's Pov

My Crush (Love at first sight)
Jasmine’s Pov

“No mum, am not going anywhere” I yelled at mum
“Jaz, we need to relocate, let’s start a new life somewhere else,” mum said trying to convince me.

“Am not going, we just got here 3 months ago, why are we relocating again, you are hiding something from me mum, just say it, stop keeping me in the dark?” I said and looked away.

“Okay fine, I will tell you, am running away from debtors, your dad collected a loan before he died, they want us to pay and I don’t have such a huge amount of money so we have to run away, Jaz, please leave this place,” mum said crying, I faced her and hugged her.

“Am sorry for being stubborn, I will go with you to New York, stop crying okay” she nodded, am going to miss my friends.

My name is Jasmine Scott, am 19 years old, am beautiful and intelligent, I lost my dad at a tender age, we got ready to leave New York, it’s barely 3 months since we leave our home in Korea, yes am a half Korea, half American, my dad is a Korean, my Korea name is Kang Jin Ju, but mum change my name to Jasmine Scott, I bid my friends goodbye, we enter the plane, I sat at the window side, fasten my seatbelt and put on my headphone

Jayden’s Pov

“What the fvck is wrong with you, I have a show in 20 minutes, so stop telling me that crap” I yelled
“Jay, am pregnant and you are the father,” Sandra said, I look at her.

“Well for your information, am not the father of that thing you are carrying, you thought I don’t know that you are having an affair with Ethan, he is the father so get lost,” I said and walk into the bathroom, Sandra was my girlfriend, she cheated on me with my best friend, the nerve of her to claim am the father of her fvcking child
“Jay, 3 minutes to go,” my manager said from outside.

“Okay” I breathed in and out then went out of the bathroom to the stage, I was welcome by a lot of screaming and applause, I took the Mic.

“Here I go” I scream as my fans scream
I finish singing, I blow them a kiss and went backstage.

My name is Jayden Brandon, am a singer and a model, am a handsome and charming dude with black shiny hair, a nice body, I still go to school but in a different appearance, I wear a wig that makes me look weird and a glasses to avoid suspicion from my fans, I am a cool guy but I act like a crazy guy in school.

I sat down and took a sip of the bottled water my manager gave me, it’s not easy being a celebrate but I love my life because my parents are super-rich.

“I am going home,” I said standing up, I took my headphone and walk out with my manager and bodyguards following me, the door was open for me, just like a flood, fans and reporters rushed toward me, I smiled and started walking to my car, the bodyguards prevented the fans from touching me, I got into the car and drove off, I drove to the sea, I just love the sight, it’s 11 pm people are not much in the beach, I wore my hood to cover my face, I removed my shoes and walked into the water, I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling with my hand sideways, I smiled.

“What do you think you are doing, do you want to drown yourself” I heard a female’s voice, I open my eyes that’s when I realized I was going deeper into the sea, the water has reached my waist.

“Come out of there, it’s freezing,” she said again, I turn to her, I couldn’t see her face clearly, I continue staring at her as she walk into the water and stood in front of me, that’s when I saw her face, she is so beautiful, my heart was beating fast, she held my hand and dragged me out and all I did was to look at her.

“Hey dude,” she said snapping her finger to my face, I fling
“Are you okay?” she asked, I nodded, don’t tell me she doesn’t know who I am, she is supposed to be happy because she is holding my hand.

“Jasmine, let’s go home, it’s cold out there” I heard a woman’s voice, I turned and she was standing far away from us, her name is Jasmine wow, that suits her.

“I got to go, you should go home and change your clothes so you won’t catch a cold,” she said and ran to meet the woman, I watch them till they were out of sight, she turn back countless times and give me (go) signal, I smiled, if It were other girls, they will only be asking for my number or autograph, she was only worried about my health.
“I wish to see you again Jasmine,” I said and walk to my car, I smiled.


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