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My Crush – Love at first sight – Final (Episode 15)

My Crush - Love at first sight - Final

My Crush – Love at first sight – Final    (7 Years Later)
“Dad, there will be a PTA meeting in school, you have to come, “Nathaniel said, my 7-year-old son
” Nathan, mum will go with you, am kinda busy you know, “I said bending to his height.

“No, mum has been the only one coming to all the PTA meetings, it’s your turn now dad,” he said, I scratch my head in frustration.
“That’s true, it’s your turn Jay,” Jaz said, I looked at her in disbelief
“You too” I yell, she nodded.

“Are you coming or not Hun?” he said and folded his hand, Jaz also folded her hand, here they are ganging up against me
” like mother like son,” I murmured
“We heard that” they both yell
“Okay fine, I will go tomorrow, I will be there”
“Promise,” he said, I nodd
“Pinky swear he said raising his little finger at me, I sign
“Pinky swear,” I said crossing the fingers
“Yeah, mum am hungry” he faced Jaz.

“Your food is in the dining honey, go get it,” she said, he ran to the dining room, Jaz smiled and walk toward me, she wrapped her hand around my neck.
“Aww my husband is so cute,” she said smiling.

“Yeah, yeah, am cute after you and your son are ganging up against me, look Jaz please you have to go with him, am busy,” I said, she remove her hand from my neck.
“LA, LA, LA, LA, I can’t hear you, ahhhhh” she said walking away.

“Crazy wife and stubborn son,” I said then walked out, am a businessman now, I quit singing cause I want my son to be free from paparazzi, I don’t regret quitting
It’s for my lovely family’s sake.

The End


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