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My Crush – Love at first sight – Semi-Final (Episode 14)

My Crush - Love at first sight - Semi-Final

My Crush – Love at first sight                Anthony’s Pov (Jay’s dad)                                                  “Just sign it if you can’t accept Jasmine in your son’s life” I threaten her, I didn’t mean it thou, I just was to scare her so she can let Jay be.

“I will accept her, please Tony, don’t do this, I love you,” she said crying
“The same way you love me, that’s the same way your son loves that girl, so please let them be” I yelled at her, she nodded.

“I will let them be please let’s not divorce,” she said kneeling down, I signed and lift her up then hugged her.

Two Weeks Later
Jayden’s Pov
“Hey, where are we going,” Jaz asked curiously
“You will see when we get there” I smile, and she immediately uses he…

“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, please be the only woman to steal my last name, the mother of my children, please marry me, Jasmine,” he said as tears roll down my cheeks.

“Yes, yes, yes, I will marry you, I will be the mother of your children” I yell, he slid the diamond ring into my fingers, he stood up and kiss me, we emerge looking at each other’s eyes, suddenly I heard clapping, I looked at as the light went on, my eyes widen when I saw my friends, my mum, Jay’s parents, I smiled, I greet all of them.

“Aww am so happy for you princess,” mum said and peck my forehead, I smile.
“Am sorry Jaz for everything I did, please forgive me,” Jay’s mum said, I smile and hugged her
“It’s nothing mum, erm can I call you mum,” I said, she nodded, I hugged his dad, Jay hugged me, I chuckle then start feeling dizzy, my head was spinning and everywhere blank out.

Jayden’s Pov
“Jaz, jasmine open your eyes, please stop joking around,” I said shaking her, I told her, we should go to the hospital but she is damn stubborn, I carried her in bridal style and ran out, I lay her on the back seat and sat beside her with her head on my lap, Jasper drove off to the hospital, I carried her into the hospital, the doctor attends to her as I pace around in front of the ward.

“Jay stop pacing around, am getting dizzy already, she will be fine, don’t worry,” he said, I signed
“Stop walking around”.
“Shut the hell up Jasper”I yell, the door opens, and the doctor came out, and I walk toward her.
“How is she doc?” I asked, and she smiled.

“She is fine and congratulations Jay, she is two weeks and a day pregnant,” she said smiling, I blink my eyes rapidly.
“P, p, pregnant, she is pregnant,” I said, she nodded smiling
“She is pregnant, Yesss, am going to be a father soon” I yell jumping up, everyone around was busy taking pictures but I don’t care.

“Can I see her?” I asked and she nodded, I race in, and there lay my sleeping beauty, I sat down beside her caressing her hair.
“This is the perfect gift ever, thanks Jaz,” I said smiling, she shifted then open her eyes
“Jay” I smile at her, she smiles weakly.

“What happen, what’s wrong with me,” she asked sitting up, I smiled
“You passed out, I brought you to the hospital and the doctors said that” I pause, and she looks at me.

“That what” such a curious person, my smile widen
“You are pregnant, we are going to be parents soon,” I said happily
“Oh am pregnant, what!!!!, am pregnant, oh my God” she yells happily hugging me.



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