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My Crush – (Love At First Sight) – Prologue

My Crush - (Love At First Sight) Prologue

My Crush – (Love At First Sight)

Meet Jayden Brandon a popular Singer and a model, he is a charming and handsome dude, he is 21 years old, and every girl drools over him and wishes to have him, he is in his final year in high school, yeah I said high school.

His career delayed his educational life but he goes to school in a different appearance, he wears a wig that covers his forehead and weird glass to avoid suspicion from his fans, he is nicknamed the crazy guy or goblin because of how weird he looks.

And meet Jasmine Scott, a beautiful and intelligent girl who lost her dad at an early age, her mother tried her best to give her the list that she deserves but they are on a run, yeah on a run from debtors.

Her father borrowed a huge amount of money from loan sharks and couldn’t pay it back before he died so they keep hunting Jasmine and her mother for the money who has little with them, they ran away to different countries to avoid those debtors till they came to New York where the two met. (Jayden or Jasmine)

What do you think is going to happen when Jasmine starts schooling in the high school that Jayden attends.

Who would fall in love at first sight (Jayden or Jasmine)

Find out in this interesting story.

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