My Family And I Ate Chopbar Leftovers For Supper – Piesie Esther Narrates

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Piesie Esther shared her humble upbringing in a recent interview with Nayas for “Experiences in Life.”

She claimed that because her parents were farmers and occasionally left the house in pursuit of greener pastures, leaving her mother to care for the entire family, life was quite difficult for her and her four siblings.

It was challenging for us to obtain the items we wanted, and we never received new clothes. I won’t pretend about how destitute we were; it was just scandalous. She described all of the struggles we had in life.

Piesie  In response to her mother’s friend’s invitation to visit Kumasi, Esther said hope entered her life.

Although she knew no one there, my mom wanted to visit Kumasi. Consequently, I was thrilled to get this invitation. We had to make do somewhere else because my mother’s friend was only renting a single room when we were there, and it was awful.

“Consider a married woman who decides to leave her house and work as a servant for someone.” Although it was difficult, we loved it since it was better than living in the village.

We survived on chop bar leftovers since we couldn’t afford food, she added. My mother will take the leftovers after they’ve finished the fufu and make sure we eat supper.


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