My legal representatives were blocked by GFA security – George Afriyie

Former vice president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), George Afriyie claims there were several efforts by the security to deny his legal representatives entry at the GFA Headquarters.

According to him, the action by the security was to deny them the chance to file a supplementary case in addition to his appeal filed to reverse the Elections Committee’s decision to disqualify him from contesting Kurt Okaraku, the current president of GFA in the upcoming GFA Elections.

Afriyie was disqualified per a statement released by the Elections Committee last week which meant Kurt Okraku was expected to go unopposed in the forthcoming GFA Congress.

In a statement released on Tuesday morning, George Afriyie indicated that he has successfully filed an appeal in addition to a supplementary case despite several attempts to “block” his legal team from entering the premises of the GFA secretariat with the security claiming to be acting according to instructions.

“Despite the patience and persistence of our legal team to enter the premises to file the hard copies of the supplementary case, they were blocked. I had to call on the support of one of my personal assistants, Isaac Wilberforce Koomson, to assist in getting the documents accepted by the receptionist of the GFA.”

He however notes that, upon persistent tries, the supplementary case was successfully filed with a soft copy of the statement of intent of appeal already delivered via email last Friday.

While thanking his followers for their support, he further called upon them to be optimistic in the coming days as he anticipates a positive response.

“I devote my heartfelt gratitude to gallant members of the media, the watchdogs of freedom of expression and fairness, who widely reported the use of Machoism and Machiavellianism to frustrate the process of filing our appeal.

“I urge all my followers and supporters to remain calm as we go through the process to reverse the arbitrary decision of the Elections Committee.”

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