NABCO Is A Failed Policy – UPSA lecturer

Mr. Mustapha Iddrisu, a UPSA lecturer has outed the many failures of governments including NABCO.

Mr. Mustapha Iddrisu in an interview on Accra based Class FM, expressed his worries over several failures of the many governments since 1992 to daite.

According to him, National Service Scheme particularly has outlived it’s time and purpose in Ghana. It was useful during the time of the late president, Jerry John Rawlings.

he further listed several policies of government which are failed policies; from NYEP-National Youth Employment Program to NABCO.

“Okay so, over the past years, let me say since 1992 not even a single government policy has been able to address our unemployment problems. Not one! Every policy that governments come out with from 1992 till date. You would realize that the policy will just be a stop gap policy, like the NYEP-National Youth Employment Program. it was for 2years. It was just a stop gap policy. The target group was not even just graduates from the university; it was for every youth. So 2years and then they are done. Then they go out and what next? Then we turned it into the YEA that is the Youth Employment Agency. What has happened to that? Another failed policy and then it has been turned into another thing and the policy is failing. Then we have NABCO, NABCO is failed and that’s a fact. It’s a failure because when you take people and you tell them that I am taking you for 3years and after 3years, you are gong to be absorbed into mainstream employment and then your budget is bloating. Where are you going to keep these people? So, NABCO is also another failed policy. So, all the policies that we come up with are just stop gap policies and when the youth get frustrated with these kind of stopgap policies, it creates that kind of anxiety that I mentioned earlier.”

In all, he indicated that until good policies are initiated, the future of the youth is in danger.

“And I am just afraid that if we don’t as a country come out with a policy that is actually going to help stem this tide, in the near future we will be in a very big problem.”

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