Nat’l Cathedral is a mistake and an insult to God – Capt. (retd) Sowu

A Retired Army Officer Captain Joel Sowu has described the National Cathedral project as a mistake and an insult to God.

He is of the view that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo should apologize to the people of Ghana for telling them about his personal promise to build a cathedral for God only after he was elected.

Captain (retd) Sowu said that a God-fearing person is the one who is able to say “I am sorry I got it wrong” That makes you a gentleman and a Christ-like person. Saying you are sorry doesn’t make you a weak person. It shows you are a strong person.”

National Cathedral Secretariat on stalling of project.

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Speaking in an interview with Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show on Wednesday, August 31, he stressed that the way the project is being executed is a disrespect to God because impounded illegal rosewoods and taxpayers’ money in the consolidated fund meant for developmental projects are used to redeem the president’s personal pledge.

“This National Cathedral that he brought is a mistake and an insult to God. I am a Christian.

“I met God in prison in the condemned cells. Mr. President, you prayed to God and made him a promise that when you become president you will build a cathedral for him. It is a personal matter between you and your God” he emphasised.

He insisted that the President should admit to Ghanaians that he made a personal pledge to build a cathedral for God but he has realized he can’t do it alone and hence pleaded with like-minded people to voluntarily support him to build the cathedral.

According to reports, work on the National Cathedral Project has been suspended due to financial constraints.

Letters sighted by and issued to workers by contractors Ribade Company Limited said “lack of payment from the National Cathedral of Ghana” has resulted in the suspension of the project.


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