Nigeria Movie Producers Invest More In Their Movies Compared To Ghana Movie Producers – Enock Darko

Enock Darko A.k.A WataBomshell


Ghallywood/Nollywood actor Enock Darko popularly known as “WataBomShell” has revealed why he thinks the Nigerians movie industry which is “Nollywood” is different from the Ghanaians movie industry which is also known as “Ghallywood”.


According to the young actor though both industries ( Nollywood and Ghallywood) have their challenges, the Nigeria movie producers invest so much money in their projects to make it quality as they want it to be and they take time to write their script and also cast people who best suit a role.


Speaking on “Yedwuma Nie” hosted by DJ Ohemaa Woyeje on Angelfm 102.9mhz which was monitored by, Enock Darko aka “WataBomshell” said when a producer from Nigeria needs an older person for a role, they don’t choose a young actor and dress him or her to become an old person, they go straight and choose an older person who best suits the role and cast him or her.


“For Nigeria, from the movie aspect they are doing very well. They invest much money to shoot their movie that’s one thing I like about them. Though Nigerians have their own problems and Ghanaians too have their problems but in Nigeria whatever they do they push money into it. If an older man has to play a role they will used an older man they won’t go and pick any young boy and change him to an older person, that’s why I really like them. And they invest more to make the movie quality, they take time to write script too.”

Enock Darko recounted his experience with the Nigerians movie industry after DJ Ohemaa Woyeje asked him about the difference between both industries.



Watch Full Interview HERE

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