Nursing, Midwifery now not about passion but job security – Bolga NTC Principal

Acting Principal for the Nurses and Midwifery Training College, Bolgatanga Mrs. Amaliba Christian says there are no passionate nurses in Ghana’s wards anymore.

She says students opt for Nursing for job security and not because they are passionate about the profession.

This she says is the reason why Professionalism is lacking in the various wards in the country.

Mrs. Amaliba Christian indicated that the lack of discipline currently is a grave worry in the various hospitals indicating that Nurses have learned to now use their phones in the various wards; something which did not happen in the past.

“Nursing goes alongside skills, knowledge, and attitude. So, if you combine these three you will get nurses who will come out well cooked. One of the things that we are thinking about now is because of societal issues, the young ones have their way of doing things so it behooves us as parents and teachers and even the senior nurses to come together to be able to make some corrections and adapt to the new lifestyle and try to see how we can model them to fit, otherwise the stories will continue.”

She said, “you know, discipline is number one and so if the students are not disciplined it will go onto these stories that we are talking about. Nurses have learned to use their phones in the wards; in those days that was unacceptable, so it is very worrying.”

“We need to talk about it and I think that the policymakers should also come into and encourage these students to be disciplined. When they are disciplined for wrongdoing I mean they should support us to correct them because some of the students have been left on for a long time. So, if we all come together and collaborate as one, we will be able to help and bring the system back to how it used to be and that’s our target,” she said on Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio.



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